• Paul the Fossil

    Best (if obvious) line about that engagement: “Sorry Canada, seems another American has taken a Gretzky off the market. U-S-A!”

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    That Paint Drying Guiness World Record attempt should take place in Nashville, cuz watching a Preds game is just like watching paint dry.

    • Joe Banks

      And then, out to the parking lot to watch cars rust!
      Alas, what has become of the Flyers?

  • Preacher

    I asked this before and got one response, so I’ll ask again: Is there any sign ANYWHERE that there will be a Cup DVD for this year’s team? I have seen NOTHING about that. Usually they’re advertising it as soon as the Cup is handed out. (It takes several months for it to be produced, but they take orders for it right away.)

    • Joe Banks

      I noticed that too, equally stumped. NHL, you no want my money?
      I just checked Amazon, and their entire website is down!

      • birdhead

        They don’t want mine either, because I don’t live in the States or Canada. Way to make me feel not even a bit guilty about pirating it, NHL.

    • Joe Banks

      Whoops! lookie here – on NHL.com…


      • TKHO

        WTF, no DVD/BluRay?

        • Joe Banks

          Is it a coincidence amazon crashed? I think not!
          Nashville, take note!

          • TKHO

            Sports championship videos for my team are one of the few video products that are worth having on a physical disc, since they’re something you’d want to hang on to and watch for years to come. I have to imagine that they will release it on disc eventually, but it’s kind of aggravating that they’re leaving us in the lurch (or are trying to see how many people they can get to double dip and buy both digital and disc).

          • Z-man19

            I wonder if youtube has put enough of a crimp on their sales that they don’t think it’s worth making one.

          • Joe Banks

            By all appearances, no plans to make a disc. I totally agree with you. This blows!

      • Preacher

        Thanks! I was just on NHL.com last night looking and didn’t find this anywhere. Wonder if it will make it to DVD too. I’ll get it in ALL formats of course!

    • justforkicks

      there isn’t – just the digital version on itunes

  • pompoon

    So Brent Seabrook has named his son Carter Seven…and somewhere, a vein bursts in George Costanza’s head.