• Joe Banks

    So let’s get this straight… if I plunk down $179.80, I don’t even get to watch any Blackhawks games because of blackouts? (I live in suburban Chicago)
    And the NHL is disappointed someone sued? Hell, I’m disappointed no one sued sooner.

    • Loudmouth

      Here in Vegas, if I pay for center ice, I get to watch all the Comcast feeds except when the Hawks play the Kings or Ducks. Those are available on my local package, but I don’t get to hear the beer soaked blathering of Foley. Some might consider that a blessing until you sit through a whole game listening to Brian Hayward.

      In addition to center ice, I pay Direct TV a “sports package” fee that lets me watch a lot of regional sports networks so that I can watch college hockey. As part of that deal, I get to watch Comcast Chicago and can see their talking head coverage of local stuff, but unless I get Center Ice, the Hawks broadcasts are blacked out though I can watch pre and post game stuff. Likewise, if the Hawks are playing on NBC, I’m blacked out of the Foley and Edzo diatribes. This year, the Hawks will be on NBC 20 times which means Im paying center ice 180 bucks for about 75% of the season.

      They’ve mostly fixed the playoff nonsense, which is great, but this local turf battle stuff is annoying. In some rare cases, if Fox sports west has a lot of shit going on, they will put the Kings/Ducks- Hawks games on a local LA channel that even the Vegas bars and casino’s can’t get which is really bullshit when you pay up for center ice. I’m surprised people haven’t sued sooner myself.

    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      This. I live 70 miles from the UC, but that’s still in the ‘Chicago Market,’ meaning, I, too, will suffer blackouts. *If* I could watch hawks games live, I would gladly plunk down 180.00 for the programming, but as I can’t I will make due with other means.

    • Colbeagle

      Could be worse – I’m in eastern Iowa, and we’re a ‘home’ market for the Blackhawks, the Blues, and the Wild, which means all three are blacked out on Gamecenter (and presumably Center Ice, though the local cable company doesn’t offer it at all). I’m the lucky one, in that our assigned regional network is CSN Chicago, but if I were a Blues or Wild fan there would legally be no way to watch those teams except on national broadcasts.

      When I first moved out here I sent the game center people an email to confirm that the WGN games would still be blacked out, despite being completely unavailable on tv for any amount of money, and got back the email equivalent of a shrug. I made other arrangements, but jeez. It’s like they don’t even want people to watch hockey.