• Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    Poor Toronto, they really deserve better than the ownership and GM they have.

    • lizmcneill

      Toronto Make Be-Lieves. Comparing their GM to Bowman….let’s just say I feel less inclined to complain about Fluffy and Bruno….

  • RVWW

    Sorry for the spam – but related to the sports/entertainment article from Sam, as well as the CI staff being futbol aficionados, and also self-publishers, thought I’d share some awesome awesome work from a former colleague:


    Their awesome new video on the state of soccer in Greece (specifically Olympiacos v. Panathinaikos):



  • Accipiter
    • red palace

      David Bolland scored the Cup winning goal and was traded within a week.

    • Bannerman

      Did Corey Crawford destroy the “must have dominant goal tender to win the cup” narrative or did he reinforce it?

  • Paul the Fossil

    At least a couple of things I hadn’t previously heard regarding the famous Gretzky trade:

    “He could have ended up a Vancouver Canuck. Pocklington asked for five first-round picks and $22 million in cash from Vancouver for Gretzky. The deal was later $18 million (CDN), three first-round picks and forward Greg Adams.
    Brian Burke and Pat Quinn, the Canucks’ front-office brain trust, turned
    down the deal.”

    “Rumors of a Wayne Gretzky trade were well-known through the hockey world
    leading up to the deal, but were never formally reported by the media.
    (Oh, if only Twitter were around back then.)”

  • Bannerman

    Looking at the complete RFA list, I see there is a guy named Anttii Tyrvainen. The Hawks really need to sign that guy for the sake of confusing announcers later.

    • zacked

      Dear Finland,

      It is ok if you use more than 3 names for all the boys in your country.


    • lizmcneill

      Antti is Finnish for Andrew. Given the phantom Andrew Saads and Andrew Sharps we’ve already had announced…..