• jordyhawk

    Nice pic of young Jonny. These past 8 years have flown by. Now with the new deals kicking in for 19/88 we have 8 more years. What will they bring? More would be great, but it doesn’t matter. If you’re a lifer all that matters is the Indian Head.

    Svedberg and Jardine signed. Re-stock. I have kept an eye on Jardine. Hoping he and/or Mattson could be late bloomers. I love following the yutes.

    Bettman. Vegas. What about Macau? Monte Carlo? The Gaming Division.

    This summer thing is dragging. Let’s play some puck.

  • HarryBalzonya

    Sounds like Kaner might have got himself in some hot water

    • Bwana
      • HawkIPA

        This doesn’t look good. Here’s hoping it’s just a disorderly conduct incident, and not something more serious.

        • The Gatest Gamer

          I’m hoping for a full investigation, but seems like he’s already being branded a rapist.

    • rhodes

      Can’t his parents get him in some sort of summer hockey camp to keep him out of trouble?

  • The Gatest Gamer

    Are the comments turned off in the other post?

    • HawkIPA

      I think so. I have to say McClure’s post is pretty dead-on. While we don’t exactly know what happened, at minimum, it looks like Kane did something extremely stupid. I’m hoping for all involved that no one was hurt, but the bits leaking out into the press look pretty terrible.

      • The Gatest Gamer

        I disagree with the dead-on part. All we know at this point is that he’s under investigation and that it seems to be rape investigation. The last part isn’t even confirmed yet. One journalist tweeted, but later deleted it, and another had one short tweet with no details. So we have no concrete idea what really is going on.

        He’s done stupid drunk shit before, but who knows what happened. All I want is a full police investigation, appropriate charges and appropriate league response(yeah right on the last one) in the even that he’s charged/proven guilty. Before that, I’m not gonna react with “He’s an animal and a shitlord”

      • HopDevil

        I think the guy is entitled to a little bit of due process before we decide that he’s a rapist. There’s obviously a history of stupid, reckless drunken behavior, but that doesn’t make him guilty. Likewise, just because the Hawks were quick to snuff out rumors of internal locker room strife during the season this year does not mean they would seek to cover up a rape or keep a rapist on their team if, in fact, he is guilty. The two situations are frankly not all that comparable. It was a little bit reactionary for me, even if that’s what we come here for at times during the hockey season.

      • Jim

        Kane should be more like his buddy Toews, just get a smoking hot 10 model girlfriend, and settle down a little bit. Go for a hike in the Andes. Stay away from the booze.

      • skags

        I could not disagree more. He might not have done a damn thing. You know absolutely NOTHING, not one thing about this. At BEST we think it’s a rape case.

        You can be accused of something and even though you didnt do anything. The police are doing their due diligence. Unfortunately for Kaner, people like you he can be cleared of all charges and you’re still going to hang this over his head.

        Even now, before a single fact has been laid out, you’re already accusing him of doing something extremely stupid- that’s both lazy and stupid on your part and anyone who agrees with you. Not just lazy and stupid, extremely.

        Can we just maybe wait unti… gee I don’t know, maybe one fact of this case has been releaved relevant to the investigation? Just one before we acuse anyone of being stupid, let alone a rapist??? Is that seriouly too much to ask?

        McClure is fueling the knee-jerk public reaction with his tripe. It’s unfortunate and irresponsbile.

    • lisa simpson

      Seems so. Those discussions rarely go anywhere. Anyone who goes in with an opinion is leaving with that same opinion.

      • The Gatest Gamer

        Which is too bad.

    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      Reports on the Kane incident are scattered and conflicting. WGN was saying the investigation alleged one thing, the Buffalo News said it involved something else. Leaving comments off is probably a good idea at least until we start getting some confirmed facts.

      • krome

        …or we at least have the “she said” and “he said” pieces of the dispute.

      • guest

        I mean, that’s all well and good. In the post itself, though, McClure had no problem at all letting the lack of established facts stop him from asserting that Kane was 100% for sure guilty (because he wore a dumbass shirt), probably has been raping up a storm elsewhere, and that any lack of a charge or conviction just means that it was covered up.

        Seemed a little strong. Rape culture is definitely a thing and it can horrifyingly take decades and dozens of victims to make legit charges stick to a famous man (see Cosby, Bill). Still though, judge-jury-executionering it up the moment you hear a single whisper of a rumor might be going a little far.

  • Sopel the catfish

    So what’s the latest word on the move(s) that will be made to make room for Kruger? That’s what I want to talk about.

    • jordyhawk

      Versteeg shouldn’t be hard to move, but moving him alone won’t allow us to re-up Kruger and get compliant. We need to move Bickell which I’m guessing is what is making it so hard. The number of teams we could move Bickell to without taking more than a few bucks in salary back really limits the options.

    • CurvedBlade

      Too bad Kane waited so long to melt down. When his contract is unceremoniously cancelled, there would be cap for Saad, Oduya and Kruger. /joke

  • Private William Hudson

    On the Kane incident:

    Oh dear Lord Jesus, this ain’t happening, man… This can’t be happening, man! This isn’t happening!

    That’s it, man. Game over, man. Game over, what the f..k are we supposed to do now, huh, what are we gonna do?

    I don’t believe this, I don’t f..king believe this. We’re doomed now…

    • Sopel the catfish

      Maybe start a fire, sing kumbaya?

    • Jim

      Call “The Wolf”

  • krome

    There’s a lot of gun jumping going on. There are no details yet as to what anyone has alleged happened.
    Granted, Kane has intoxicatedly misbehaved in the past, and doesn’t appear to be an enlightened new age male, so it isn’t had to believe that some sexual misconduct might have happened.
    Conversely, it isn’t hard to imagine that a couple of drunk or buzzed people ended up in bed and there was an unfounded allegation made later.

    • CurvedBlade

      For now, let’s respect Kane’s presumption of innocence. We all deserve that. Rape between people who know each other is hard to prove. Where does consent start and stop, and do drunks really remember very well?

      On the other hand, this is a good lesson in not having hero worship for athletes. They may make good entertainment, but we don’t know what kind of people they really are. Personally, I don’t own any clothing with another guy’s name on the back. I never will.

  • test


    • Sopel the catfish

      one two three