• raditzzzz

    for what its worth, espn put up their preliminary power rankings, 1-6 are all from the west and 4 of those six and in the central conference. BAM.

    • MySpoonIsTooBig

      I’ve got to say, though power rankings are meaningless in general (and even more so in the off-season) I thoroughly disagree with how high the Avs are ranked. Based on their overall play last season and their dubious off-season moves thus, if there is one team primed for a MASSIVE regression it’s the Avs.

      By possession metrics they were pretty terrible last season – 26th in EV CF% (46.8%), and 27th in Fenwick Close (also 46.8%) (ahead of only powerhouses Buffalo, Edmonton, and Toronto). Their only saving grace was a PDO of 102.0 (2nd in the league behind, interestingly, Boston) bolstered by a both a team shooting % (10.2%) and Sv% (91.9%) that were in the top 5 in the league and likely to regress. Add in that they replaced Stastny and Parenteau with Iginla and Briere (both too slow to keep up with COL’s young forward core and significant downgrades to the players they’re replacing, especially Briere) and they “bolstered” their weak defensive core by adding a well-past-his-prime Brad Stuart, and there is simply no rational reason to believe that the Avs will be able to come close to matching their 2013-14 regular season success.

      • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

        And it showed in the playoffs.

    • ballyb11

      More like YUCK.

      • raditzzzz

        central is going to be a blood bath. on the upside, plenty of good hockey to watch all season long.

  • jordyhawk

    The current CW seems to be ideally we move 1) Versteeg and 2) Rozy. Also, there are some who feel Leddy will never be able to handle the tough minutes so now would be the time to move him. Together these guys account for $7.1 million in cap space. As possible replacements Morin, and for arguments sake let’s say Brookbank (resigned at 1.275) and Runblad combine for $2.86 in cap dollars. Net saving $4.24.

    (I personally think Dahlbeck makes the club ahead of Runblad and he is even cheaper).

    • MySpoonIsTooBig

      There is probably less than a 0.1% chance that Rundblad doesn’t make the club. Bowman had tried to acquire him specifically for like 2 years before the Coyotes finally relented this spring, and the price he paid was not insignificant (a 2nd round pick). Bowman wanted him bad, and that combined with the fact that he’s not waivers-exempt (i.e. to send him to Rockford he’d have to clear waivers, which he won’t do as someone will claim him in a heartbeat) means that he’s going to be afforded every possible opportunity to earn ice time.

      • Joe DeTolve

        There is a reason it cost Stan a 2nd and that is because he was the cog that got Kyle Turris to Ottawa. When that happened he considered to be 1a to Erik Karlsson yes that is how high atleast the Ottawa media was on him. He was their Tuevo on the blueline.

        • The Nutbrown Hare

          Interesting. Furthermore, per http://www.eliteprospects.com

          “Rundblad is an offensive minded defenseman with very good size and puck skills. He has impressive vision and likes to move the puck into the offensive zone with slick stickhandling and good speed. Handles the puck with confidence and has very good poise. A great option from the blueline, where he releases a fairly accurate shot and also find his teammates with tape-to-tape passes. Size and strength is good.

          In his own end, Rundblad tends to not play it simple enough at times. He is a tad too creative and could also be more aggressive and determined in his play. If he develops his defensive game, he will be a high-scoring two-way defenseman. If not, he will still be a capable power play quarterback, but a potential liability in his own end.”

      • jordyhawk

        Forgot about the waivers. I guess Runblad will get more of a look than some of the others because of that, but I have a hard time seeing both him and Leddy on the team over the long-term. I still wonder if Runblad wasn’t brought in as a backup plan in case Leddy doesn’t become a top 4 guy.

    • Move Rozi (has NTC) to Detroit. He’s a right shot and Detroit is looking for right handed defensemen. Problem solved right?

      • MySpoonIsTooBig

        Rozi has a modified NTC, not a full NTC, so if Scum aren’t on the list of franchises to which he can/will refuse a trade…

  • pepe_silvia

    Kompon is gone. GM and HC of Portland Winterhawks. Maybe the PP will improve?

    • jordyhawk

      Made my day!

    • Marian Nation

      Yes… Bigger Clown Shoes