• QCBlackhawk

    So with another D man are we leaning towards Leddy, Seabs, or OD getting the boot?

    • Bannerman

      I’d be shocked if it was anyone except oduya. Stanbow isn’t going to let him walk for nothing after next season and won’t be able to pay him.

      • Oldfarthawkfan

        Brookbank hasn’t signed elsewhere either, while other 6th and 7th defernseman have moved. think Stanbo has a promise to him to wait until the smoke clears?

      • I think that’s a misconception of him walking. I think Oduya would totally take the swedish discount to stay in Chicago next year

        • Hags

          he is not coming back. even if he took a discount to say 2 mil a year (not likely) the hawks won’t want him back because he’ll be 35 and still more expensive than the 3 guys in The Rock that will be ready by next year in Johns/Clendening/Dahlbeck.

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    Re the PD article: Perhaps the rest of the world is learning what Chicago fans have changed for a century. Detroit Sucks.

    (aside from a great coach and a few great players on the Wings).

  • Chuck Miller

    OD… they can find guys for PK, but not what Leddy brings to PP.

    And the Wings sound a lot like the Bulls.

    • wowwowweewoo

      Clendening is a pp quarterback and so is Richards a little bit. All the while, clearing Oduya’ hit only gives you $600k additional space over leddy, and a net difference of $1m to sign a dman. So with all that you’re all or nothing on leddy in your top 4, and you swapped Oduya for a near minimum dman to play pk for you.

      • birdhead

        I’ll take good reasons to trade neither of them for $500, Alex. Leddy doesn’t make enough to be a big dump either.

  • Daze55

    Kind of crazy to think Bolland and Luongo are on the same team…

    • The Other One

      I bet you Bolland takes a few stray shots at him from time-to-time just to make sure that Lu doesn’t forget what “used to be”.

      Even though it’s the Leastern Conference, I still don’t seeing the Panthers making the playoffs, unless Uncle Dale has a few more moves up his sleeve.

  • The Other One

    Two days in – still liking the B-Rich deal

    • Andrew Heitman

      I like how he can move around the various wing pairs and I see him owning it.


      Its all sexy to me.

      • The Other One

        I would love to see Sharp-Richards-Hossa get a try too

        • Andrew Heitman

          Its all good. Richards has to be pumped to be playing with so much (more) talent and not have to shoulder the entire load.