• ‘hawks58

    Would be hilarious if Detroit or Columbus was moved back into the Western Conference.

  • Sopel the catfish

    Clendening is now a Pen, I though the Canucks were real high on Bonino?


    • ‘hawks58

      They couldn’t have been too high, he was assigned to the AHL in March and I don’t believe he was ever called back up (probably because Utica played deeper into the calendar than VAN).

      Probably moved for the same reason he was traded out of Chicago; they weren’t sure he would make the top 6 and probably felt they’d rather lose him in a trade for a roster player than to lose him for nothing on waivers.

      • Sopel the catfish

        Bonino was the main piece they got in the Kesler trade and he showed some good moments this last year. With how thin the Pens are at F, maybe they’d be interested in Bickell for Clendening?

        • jhb

          With their own cap situation, they would definitely ask the Hawks to take a bad contract back. No thanks!

          Also, considering Clendening was moved so quickly and seeing Klas Dahlbeck only receive a one year, two way offer from AZ (granted, they’re clearly lining up for a race to the bottom), maybe Stan and co. know the ceilings of some of these guys they’ve traded.

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  • 60MinutesBaby60

    That MJ dig was disrespectful insensitive & mean-spirited … but funny. Kujos.