• Yachtsman

    Rasmussen looks good on film. He has a scorer’s touch. We could say he’s a Swede with some Finish (sorry). By his own admission he needs to get explosive on his first strides. But once he gets going, he is pretty speedy on the rush. He has size and skill. Just gotta see what he brings defensively. This guy could surprise some people in trainng camp. I like the fact they brought him in to compete.

    • jordyhawk

      A cynic might ask why it has taken him this long to get over here. I, however, want to believe all those nice things being said about him in the fervent hope that he can be part of the plan. A big centre who plays the PK and “likes to be strong on the puck” sounds good to me. I wonder how he is in the dot.

      • Yachtsman

        You are asking all the right questions. I like that SB is bringing in some quality options that can help him sort out the cap space issue. I think he’s looking for the best standout newcomer (from within and without) to determine which side offensively or defensively to affect a replacement. Should be an interesting training camp to say the least.

        • jordyhawk

          Interesting that the pic of Rasmussen is of him shielding the puck from Matt Carey; another potential candidate. Looks like Matt was in an uphill battle on that one.

          • Yachtsman

            I think Carey had an uphill battle in his 1 game stint. Didn’t look ready for prime time…

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    In the words of my avatar: First thing, let’s kill all the lawyers. – Henry VI part 2

  • wardrums

    Grantland was good, very, very good. Long but hysterical!

  • John Nolan

    Hey everyone!! If you weren’t aware, Sam wrote a FANTASTIC post today at Cubs Den, eulogizing his brother in Felzzy’s famous “Anarchist’s Brunch.”

    I heartily recommend it. It’s really a great piece!! Onwards.