• Andrew Heitman

    To follow suit with reacquiring Morin:
    Versteeg and Bickell to the ‘Peg for big Buff. Clears about 1 mil in cap space if Winnipeg doesnt keep any of the salary.

  • Love that pic of Kimmo looking like a rock star on stage with the Cup in the NHL.com article.

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    Yes, Crow’s contract looks better every year. Right now it almost looks like a steal, and so will DDN’s mega contracts in a few years.

  • wihawkfan

    Stan traded morin to lumbus to show him who was the boss after those #freemorin bozos Hayes and pirri acted unprofessionally.

    Then, in a brilliant move, he brings him back under his direct control so he can really make morin’s life miserable. The stan’s memory is long and he never forgets a grudge. muhahahaha!!!!!

    “Keep your fiends close, and your enemies closer.”