• Andrew Heitman

    How can Wyshnski look at the numbers he tabled himself, and say that Benn/Seguin are comparable to Toews/Kane?

    The difference between 0.8 ppg and 0.9+ is enormous.

    • chichicagochi

      eh Seguin was playing on the 3rd line in BOS

    • Jim

      I’ll defer to the guys who do this for a living. Vegas has Dallas Stars as 40/1 to win the Stanley Cup (sounds about right to me). Guess who is picked to win it all?


      Edit: Columbus 25/1, Leafs 200/1 ouch

      • CurvedBlade

        Some people don’t know this. Gambling odds are not an expert opinion of who will win/lose. It is a mathematical device to gather an equal amount of money on both sides of the bet. In other words, to keep the house neutral and just collect it’s commission.

        Basically it’s just crowd sourcing from gamblers.

        • recoil


  • SAMCRO Outlaw

    Sadly, I think Duncan Keith is going to find that asking for “respect our privacy” is going to bring the sharks deeper into his waters.

    Too bad in this TMZ society that something such as a family breaking up isn’t enough, but they have to find salacious reasons or in the case of the idiot on the radio just go ahead and spew rumor without fact to back it up. Even though everyone involved in the rumors denied it and in the article Keith calls Sharp one of his two closest friends in hockey; the idiot was still spewing the rumors on air within the last couple weeks. As if the more he says it the more credibility he has, hateful little troll Steven A wannabe should say it to all of the people face to face. I think the words and actions of Kane & Keith after the trade carry a lot more weight than a self-righteous mope.

    Anyway back to my original point, I’m sure we’ll get more rumor & innuendo about Keith, and anyone is entitled to believe what they wish but I’m taking it with a grain of salt without a credible name source attached.

    • Jim

      I wish the whole thing would go away. WTF?

  • Gabble Ratchet

    “If he thinks he has Toews and Kane, now he needs to find his Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook and Marian Hossa”

    Oh, is that all he needs?

    • Sopel the catfish

      They have Niemi who is clearly better than that idiot wearing #50 who hasn’t ever done anything to help the Hawks.

      • Bob in EP

        Weak glove hand!

      • “They’ll never win a Cup with ‘Crawstink’ !”

    • YoAdrienne

      Except that he doesn’t have Toews and Kane, either. There is only one Toews and one Kane, and they play for the Blackhawks. Benn and Buck Naked are good, but they are no Toews and Kane.

  • Jim

    Welcome to Stan Bowman’s world, Tampa Bay facing a cap dump with Stamkos. Tampa still has it easier, they only have one superstar for max pay, until Hedman comes up for renewal.

    (Actually, if I was them, I would consider letting Stamkos go. They can get 80% of Stamkos for less than half the price., and re-sign all of their other key guys, Stamkos was not that big in the playoffs, and the game is to make the playoffs and then win there)


  • Sopel the catfish

    I just remembered that Burish and Eager don’t have NHL contracts right now, maybe Nil should go after them too? Handzus and Rosie would look good in green…

  • Eric Ericson


    I´m a longtime Hawks fan from Sweden. With a question about why the UC won´t or will respond to fans about their name being in NHL 16.

    There a lot of Hawks fans and fans from other teams in the gaming community that are being ignored by united center. I have tried to contact both the Chicago Blackhawks and united center as well. But nobody wants to explain what the f..ks!!!! going on.

    I find it a bit strange that EA sports can get the licens or paperwork sign by the other 29 teams sponsors in the game. But when it comes to UC nothing, zero. Its in NBA 15 live ( same company EA) over the years.
    Free advertising, right.

    The last time it was in the nhl series were in NHL 11. Note that it was when the merger between Continental Airlines an United Airlines in 2011 was done. Is it becasuse of the logo or rights? Who knows? Noone will give a explanation or respone. Just silence.

    The Chicago Blackhawks can have both Toews and Kane on the cover on NHL 16, they will also have the their unique goal horn and Chelsea Dagger in the game. Even Tommy Hawk, can you belive it. (All this missing in NHL 15).
    They have won 3 CUPS in 6 seasons. But can´t get an authentic and real arena atmosphere.
    The big bad guy in this drama is united center. Keeping on to a policy like the old man did on allowing home games on TV it seems like.

    Plus we as Blackhawks fans deserve to be respected and represented the right way. Even do it´s a game.

    Here are some tweets from the socialmedia up to this date from fans BEING ignored:

    Come on @United @UnitedCenter. Don’t be the one company/arena that is too good for their fans.

    @- I wouldnt be surprised. The United Center name has been in in the past NHL games…

    @UnitedCenter Please, please release the license for NHL 16 from EA Sports Stadium UNITED CENTER writing as a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks

    @United @UnitedCenter We want the #Blackhawks arena in #NHL16!

    @Rammer34 Can you let us know if you guys get United Center?

    @- @- @Rammer34 Why does nba live 15 have united center. https://www.easports.com/uk/nba-live/nba-live-15-arenas

    So “Chelsea Dagger” will be in NHL16 but not the @UnitedCenter? Come on United Center give @EASPORTSNHL permission already.

    @Rammer34 That stinks.

    @- 6 jul
    @united @UnitedCenter @NHLBlackhawks , give us fans our house ! @EASPORTSNHL #ItsInTheGame #nhl16 . #Chicago

    If I remember correctly they have so far 29 of the 30 but were still trying to get them all.

    I can only make 1 guess right now for what arena won’t be in the game

    I really hope that they have the UC in the game this year. It just feels wrong playing a current NHL game in the old chicago stadium or a other arena name..lol

    They won’t EA UFC has “chicago arena” instead of the united center.

    United is a hell of a company to get marketing rights from.

    (I think Chicago Arena might never, ever gonna be in because of United Center disliking of the Hawks)

    This just upsets me so much. Being a long time Hawks fan I would’ve loved to see it in the game. Of course my team is the one who’s arena isn’t licensed…

    Can anyone speculate as to why they would have problems licensing one of the NHL arenas? Why wouldn’t the Blackhawks want United Center in the game?
    I really can’t see the downside, especially if you’re being paid to have the arena’s likenss used.

    No united center???
    I live in chicago and am very upset that it says CHICAGO STADIUM or another name on the ice than the UC.
    I guess they did not get the license to u use the UNITED CENTER. Sucks 🙁

    Re: No united center???
    It’s been like this for years, if not always, if I remember correctly.

    NHL 11 is the last game to have the United Center licensed, I wish they would get the rights.

    Re: No united center???
    It’s a shame this is another year where they don’t have the UC in the game.

    I think this problem was after Continental Airlines and United Airlines merged in 2011.
    The old rights to the United name and the new logo was not probably not valid after that.
    (The Airline kept the “United” name, but swapped to Continentals logo – the blue globe).

    One thinks it should’ve been sorted by now though.

    But it will still be Chicago Arena (or whatever it is called in the game) right?

    HLHornsandSongs retweetade
    Frozen Faceoff ?@FrozenFaceoff 6 jul

    Dont blame EA Sports, they just need a signature. @united just doesn’t value hockey fans. @unitedcenter bad PR

    Lets get United Center licensed in #NHL16. EA just needs a signed waiver.

    @EASPORTSNHL will the united center be in the game?
    EA SPORTS NHL ?@EASPORTSNHL 12 hours ago@- Hi, -. We don’t have any news on the United Center at this time. Keep an eye on our official channels for updates.

    And on and on and on like this it goes. I find it embarassing, sad and straight fu..ed up. How can you as a company keep ignoring the fans or customers like this? The united center can and are doing it. I know that it will be the same generic arena once again Thats a got damn shame.

    Do what you will with this information. The Chicago Blackhawks and last and not least the united center has done that.
    Hopefully more people and fans contact and pressure the united center on whats going on with a respone or them give us an explanation.

    Thank You for listening

    Best Regards

  • GoldenJet