• recoil

    Reading the “New Era” article on TSN, does anyone else get the feeling Stan Bowman drastically over-estimated how much the salary cap would go up these few years? I love Kane and Toews, and players who are the face of the franchise and who have hoisted three Stanley Cups should get paid, but they both got deals, as far as I can tell, that are almost $2M per year higher than anyone else. We have the #1 and #2 top paid players in the NHL by AAV. That in and of itself can be crippling, but to have those two get paid so much higher than some of the other top players in the NHL is what has put us in a huge handicap.

    I wonder if he felt the cap would have grown to $80M by now, and it clearly hasn’t. I’m starting to think his expectations on where the salary cap would be now were too high, and now we are having to really get creative (read: desperate) to shed salary. As Hawks fans, we need to pray for a huge increase to the cap in the next couple years, or this will simply continue.

    • Sopel the catfish

      I think we all estimated/hoped for a much higher cap. As good as it has been (relatively) for gas prices when the bottom fell out of the oil market it effectively fucked the Canadian GDP and dollar value, which in turn hamstrung the cap.

      • Jim

        Oil is taking another hit now, back to bottom. I don’t see this changing quickly, there are a lot of geopolitical factors at play. Dollar peg, excess capacity, contango, oil shale reserves threat. My only point is that if the NHL cap is tied to oil prices, then they are f*cked.

        • I suggest they immediately amend it to be based off the Swiss Franc

          • Jim

            Well, at least peg it to something going up in value.

          • Sopel the catfish

            Ammunition and prepackaged meals!

          • Sarcastic Mike

            Sadly, the Dollar isn’t getting any weaker with China and Europe slowing.
            A strong dollar provides economic headwinds for both the country and the Blackhawks.

        • Sarcastic Mike

          How much do you think contango and the flexibility of shale volume can put a floor under prices? I get the medium term ceiling, especially with Lybia, Iran, & Venezuela all possibly coming back online/increasing production if they get their issues sorted out. But I also thought oil was in a dead cat bounce and would go lower, but it hasn’t, so I’m wonding about support at a floor.
          Which is to say relevant to hockey…I don’t think the Canadian Dollar (and thus a huge chunk of league revenue) has another 10-15% drop heading it’s way. I would guess it stays where it is, which means the cap slowly creeps upwards from here.

    • CurvedBlade

      No other team has 3 recent cups. That hamstrings you, because winners are rare and in high demand.

      Tarasenko is a great talent, but he has won nothing. He is still an unknown quantity in terms of playoff-level emotional strength, work ethic, etc.

    • SuperHawk27

      Drastically? No. But everyone over estimated what the cap was going to be.

      Malkin and Ovechkin make 9.5 AAV(Cap Hit) So its only 1 mil higher….and what have those players won, and what do their playoff numbers look like?

      The cap should go up every year, so in the beginning these contracts look like anchors, but at the end, they will look like bargains. Imagine what Stamkos is going to sign for next year.

    • GoldenJet

      It’s an interesting take on things…But it really will only apply to players who appear to be up and coming super stars.

      Middle tier youngsters are still going to have to go the route of the bridge deal…imho.

      Teams may keep betting on the come, with these young players, but it’s not going to take too long before some teams get burned and are stuck holding some serious dead money. I’d expect some adjustments to be made to how signing bonuses and performance bonuses apply to the Cap.

    • jhb

      He only signed the Kane-Toews extensions one year ago, so there’s no way he would have thought the cap would go up ~$10M in one year. He’s got a Masters in economics – I’ve read – so it doesn’t seem likely that any of this stuff has caught him off guard. Again, he invested that money in those two players because, as individuals, they stood to make much more (maybe $11-12M each over 7 years) from at least 15 teams who could throw near-maximum money at them.

    • Sarcastic Mike

      What Stan thought the cap would be in the future is irrelevant as far as Toews & Kane’s contracts go. What mattered there was what the market thought the cap would be and what the market was willing to pay.
      Given that they had already won you two cups, are the current faces of the franchise, and will most likely be hall of famers and have statues in front of the United Center…you had to pay them whatever the market demanded.
      Now…one’s prediction of the cap DOES affect how you put the pieces around them….

  • Now for something as exciting as waiting for the Blackhawks to make a move…


  • Oldfarthawkfan

    Amazing, the NBA’s new cap is $70 million (with all the rule exceptions so in reality it is much higher) for what 14 players? NHL cap is $70 million for 23 players and is a hard cap. Need to increase the television revenues somehow.

  • recoil

    Take this for what it’s worth, but Jay Zawaski from 670 The Score said “from a great source” that Bickell is damn near unmovable (this doesn’t seem surprising at all to me) and that only 1-2 teams are in on Sharp and the return might be an NHL-ready D-Man and a Prospect. Sharp trade could possibly go down this weekend.

    Unfortunately, I totally believe the Bickell thing because when I look at his salary and recent body of work including recent injuries, I wouldn’t take him either. We could get stuck with some of our worse players and have to unload some of the mid-to-upper-tier ones (who Sharp is these days) instead.

    Not an ideal off-season, but we will see how some of those goes down. May need some “growing pains” this upcoming season, and hope some of our young guys can fill some big shoes.

    • GoldenJet

      Now that the vertigo has become public knowledge, nobody wants Bickell.

  • Preacher

    Is there a “Hawks’ Way?” Other than winning, I mean?