• GoldenJet

    McDavid has some smooth moves.

    • seabsrat

      I know it was only a scrimmage, but those were some really nice moves. He’s gonna be exciting to watch.

    • CurvedBlade

      Some of McDavid’s releases were as quick and deceptive as I’ve seen. Edmonton fans are in for a real treat.

      I believe the new overtime format is 3 on 3. That’s going to be fun to watch. Our fast guys with plenty of open ice. Yummy.

  • HarryBalzonya

    TVR gets a 2 year extension at AAV of $850,000. Pretty cap friendly deal.

    • jordyhawk

      An absolute steal at that price. Hope he can stay healthy.

      • 60MinutesBaby60

        Agreed & agreed.
        1st injury – hey @#$% happens.
        2nd a bad break.
        3rd tho … signals a trend as in the dreaded “injury prone.”

        Time will tell but the guy just looks like he’s got hockey smarts
        and can contribute – if he can stay on the ice.

  • GoldenJet

    Tarasenko getting PAID at 23yo.

    Saad pots 30+ in the next season or two and that $6mil looks reasonable.

    • chichicagochi

      lol wut? Tarasenko posted a 37 goal season, 10th most points in the NHL and +27. How is this even comparable to what Saad did? This Tarasenko signing is a steal for STL. Will be looking about as thrifty as DK’s contract in a few years.

      • HarryBalzonya

        Yeah, Saad and Tarasenko are not comparable at this point. Tarasenko was a force last season.

        • GoldenJet

          All I’m saying is that Saad is a year younger and looks poised to take another step up. His +/- and pts/gm took a hit because Hossa and others couldn’t throw it in the ocean for much of the year.

          Sure Tarasenko is blossoming into a force…but Saad is not that far behind, especially when you consider his overall game .

  • Hockey Newbie

    There was a report of a possible trade for Sharp worked out with Uncle Dale last night, but that one of the players in the trade needing to waive a NTC. I do not believe it was Sharp, but did not get any details. Anyone else here anything similar from other sources? I believe the hosts were just reading text messages but not sure.

    • The_Cheeb

      I kept track on this at Hockey Buzz. The best I can tell is:
      –The deal was either worked out totally, or close
      enough that Sharp was asked to waive his NTC to go there.
      –Sharp wanted “something” that had to be approved
      by FLA ownership. They did not agree.

      The best guess is that Sharp wanted assurance that he
      would be traded in Feb if FLA was out of playoff hunt.

      There was more speculation:
      –FLA wanted Sharp as the face of their franchise,
      so they of course didn’t want to trade him away.
      –Sharp, and possibly even more so his wife, really did
      not want to live in South Florida.

      Although speculation is involved in the above, it’s the best guess
      scenario I can put together from what I read last night.

      • GoldenJet

        Perhaps Sharp’s wife doesn’t want Patrick’s Sharpie running wild around South Beach…

        • Jim

          Sharp would slay in South Beach, especially after he became famous there.

      • Hockey Newbie

        Thanks Cheeb.

      • lisa simpson

        Consumating trades both sides find value in are hard enough, let alone when a player has NTC rights and his personal and family interests get tied into the situation as well.

        Things get difficult when three have to tango.

    • Lionel Hutz

      Beat writer for the Panthers says no interest from Uncle Dale.