• Andrew Heitman

    Don Cherry is a dinosaur. His rock em sock em videos were fun when we were kids, but thats the problem. His adolescent approach to the game can disappear and the league will be better off for it. There is plenty of physical play without adding ridiculous boxing to the game.

    • Cherry hates staged fighting and he also laments every other week about how absurd it is when players deliver good hits but then have to answer for them by fighting. He hates it. He’d also agree with Linden that fighting nowadays doesn’t deter anything.

      Now, yes, he advocates for getting rid of the instigator penalty, that that would help, and he loves his blue-collar players to a fault. But ya. He’s not a dinosaur in all of his perspectives. Some, yes, definitely. But the majority of his segments are still amazingly insightful; it astounds me how often he’ll pick something out that no one, and I mean no one else sees over the course of a game.

      I always feel compelled to defend him, because he tends to get painted with as wide a brush as he uses himself sometimes. But he’s still an unbelievably knowledgeable person when it comes to the sport. Just, when he gets to talking about the pure physical elements of the game (or Canadian patriotism), he tends to get off-kilter.

      • Andrew Heitman

        The problem is his whole “european players are soft” approach to the whole game. It overshadows what a great ambassador for the sport that he could be.

        I swear when I hear him talk its like hes talking about some Federated League in the 1970s where the boys just walked out of the mill.

        The fact that I focus on his tired bareknuckled cartoon routine might be my problem (as you pointed out) not his. But I am not so sure how relevant he remains.

        • You really have to section off some of his comments and disregard them. You’re bang on, no question, some of his views are absolutely embarrassing. But right next to them he’ll place some uncommonly brilliant observation about some aspect of a play or the game in general that no one else has noticed or even thought to look at.

          I won’t fault anyone who’s had enough of him; I just weirdly feel a need to call attention to the fact that he really still is an acute observer of the game.

  • raditzzzz

    i can always count on you guys to give a shout out to my boy vin scully. completely unneccesary, but wholly appreciated.

    • YoAdrienne

      Mr. Scully is the only thing I like about the Dodgers, especially now that Ted Lilly is back with the Cubs organization.

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    Love the football analogy on fighting. It wouldn’t be tolerated in any other sport, but it’s cheered in the NHL.

    • ahnfire

      I hadn’t even considered that before, but I think it’s a pretty good analogy personally.

      My issue with fighting is mostly with the glorification of the staged fights & the “you threw a good hit on my teammate let me chase you around the ice” mentality – as if the only way to properly respond to any challenge/hit is to punch someone in the face, rather than destroy them on the scoreboard.

      Sure, seeing that person punched in the face feels good in that moment, but watching the opposing team slink away after losing the game feels a hell of a lot better to me.

  • TitanTransistor

    Well shit…. in a fit of PR-driven desperation, the Canucks may have actually found an intelligent, progressive guy to guide their organization. Maybe their long-term future is a little brighter than I thought…

  • Brain Sprain

    I am torn on fighting. I would like to see it go away, but i don’t trust the NHL department of player safety to police the league. But fighting doesn’t police the league anymore, so that argument doesn’t hold h2o.

    Also, blaming don cherry? I know he loves “rock’em sock’em”, but he isn’t the cause. Fighting in hockey was well before Grapes was on Coaches Corner. The league’s best players should put it up for their union vote and push it on the owners. It’s their brains.

  • Secondcitymyass

    Perhaps it is time to do away with fighting? I dunno. Cheap shots that threaten player safety would have to be dealt with very harshly.