• fromheretoinfirmary

    Think its worth mentioning that the 2015 Championship DVD came out yesterday. I thought it was really good. Generally better quality than the ’10 and ’13 counterparts. Lots of good behind the scenes shots, on ice conversations, bench reaction shots, etc.

    • jhb

      I gotta say, the 2013 video is pretty much unbeatable. Mainly because of how epic some of those playoffs wins were. How close the team came to blowing their chance, especially against the Red Wings. The 2015 video, I never really got a sense of how tough it was to win this last cup. I do think, however, it shows how maybe the style Tampa played, the Hawks execs saw what it’s going to take to continue winning in the NHL. You have to be fast. Probably influenced some personnel decisions this summer.

  • DJ

    Jonathan Quick on snipers:


    And yes, Jonathan, we want to beat you as bad as you want to beat us.

    • Good read…thanks for sharing.

      • Sopel the catfish

        I CONCUR

    • DJ

      In a similar vein, here’s Kevin Shattenkirk on defensemen:


      If you play video games, you’ll appreciate his take on Duncan Keith.

    • Hockey Newbie

      Very good read DJ. I never even considered the routine save a big deal, but after reading that article, it gives me a completely different perspective. How many times are goalies just that good, and that intuitive to make what should be a dangerous play, seem like a “Meh” attempt. The whole idea of a goalie noticing someone shifting weight and bending knees, getting ready to shoot, reminds me of a comment some DL in football made about figuring out if a pass or run was coming by how the person’s weight shifted or how their stance was set up. Subtleties you would never know about or even consider, had you not played the game. Thanks again for the link.

  • sec. 317

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