• jordyhawk

    I love the draft. Hopefully Stan can get a deal or two done today and get some picks (maybe not back into the first round but 2 through 4 at least). I saw that Guins might be interested in Sharp. In 2012 I was hoping we would take Maatta when he was still around, but Stan took TT instead–both good picks. I would love to have Maatta, but he’s not going anywhere.

  • rhodes

    Love this photo, mostly because of the looks on the faces of the guys along the wall…

  • Roussel in a Hawk sweater? Yikes…that guy makes my skin crawl. I was wondering if this might’ve been an indication Stan might also be looking to shop Shaw to shave some salary, but Roussel and Shaw have the same cap hit next year.

    Uncle Dale…let’s get something done here.