• ‘hawks58

    Eh, I think the Blackhawks should be looking for wingers before goalies, though I guess it depends if they bring Carruth back or not.

    • Lionel Hutz

      Was thinking the same thing. Goaltending depth is the Hawks biggest priority?

      • The_Cheeb

        It just might be. Crow was drafted in 2003 and got the job 7 years later. If they don’t have Crow’s replacement yet, they better get a couple of guys who could take over someday.

        • Lionel Hutz

          I don’t think this draft that is their biggest need. And this team has proven that the guys in front of the net are just as important if not more so. Not trying to discredit Crawford or anything. They have Darling in the fold who should get more looks this year and Raanta is a serviceable number 2.

          • lisa simpson

            It’s a weird dichotomy; Emery winning a Jennings and Niemi winning a Cup says this team can do big things in front of goalers who aren’t world class, yet I’d be hitting the panic button if Crawford wasn’t here.

        • ‘hawks58

          I would think one of Darling/Raanta would be thought of as Crawford’s replacement way ahead of any 18 year old. Plus, that is also the reason for my comment on Carruth. If he is resigned, obviously they still see some potential for him (whether that is as a starter or backup), if he is allowed to walk, then they definitely would be looking to make a selection.

          Still would be surprised to see a goalie picked by the Hawks before Round 4.

  • Jim

    3 on 3 – advantage Hawks

    • If you can’t get it into a race. If I was a lower skill team I’d turtle even more to try and force shootout. Going to be difficult to get traffic and such in front of the goalie

  • Bob Lanz

    Biggest need… Cap space!

    • Sopel the catfish

      I’ll drink to that.

  • lisa simpson

    Teräväinen to media in Helsinki today: ”Female fans (in Chicago) are quite horny. They come really close."— Juha Hiitelä (@jhiitela) June 24, 2015