• Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    I won’t worry about next season. I expect it to take a year, or possibly two, to rebuild the depth, but then again, I have finally learned not to discount this team under any circumstances.

    • WookRN

      We have (barring trades obviously)
      Kane, Toews, Hossa, Sharp, Teravainen, Versteeg, Shaw, Bickell, Seabrook, Keith, Hjalmarsson, VanRiemsdyk, Crawford and two good backups.
      As we’re all aware, the GLARING issue is down the middle, but past thats 6 top 6 forwards, three first pair D men, and a HELLUVA goalie. Not a bad start. I agree, a year or two. In that time we lose Shaw, Bick and need to resign Seabs. Still a good base, and a good shot at a WCF contention this year anyway.

  • WookRN

    I don’t know about you guys…. but that was a LONG sobering up period…

  • jordyhawk

    Eliotte Friedmann suggested Kuger could draw an offer sheet, which is
    worrisome given how important he is to us. I don’t know what he should
    be paid, but Shaw is getting 2.0 so you might argue Kruger should get
    that plus a bit. Hard to know what a guy will do. Hjammer surprised by
    signing the sheet after 2010 and then surprised by re-upping at a real
    discount. This guy is an important part of the formula. Still can’t
    believe how much of a beating he takes and keeps coming back. Warrior.

    • Jim

      Kruger must stay if the Hawks want to contend for a Cup.

      • Kruger’s an interesting case. I think that he’s more important to us than I think to any other team.

        From an observation stand point this offseason is interesting because there are so many moving parts right now. Everything from trades; to the cap even being established change the dynamic.

        Definitely going to be an interesting few weeks ahead. I think once that first domino falls, the rest will coming falling down as well.

  • Jim

    What about Justin Williams for about 3M? Assuming Sharp/Bickell are gone…

    • The_Cheeb

      Getting rid of the Sharp and Bickell contracts doesn’t even give the Hawks enough room for the 19 and 88 raises, and resigning Saad and Kruger……..

  • Ryan

    Still basking in the glory of a Cup win.

    Too early to talk about next year.

    Can anyone guess when the championship DVD will come out? I chose not to buy 2010 or 2013, but will definitely buy this year.

  • Ted Matula

    Well, so much of the salary cap questions depend on exactly how much the RFAs will require to stay . . . I don’t know what numbers to believe. One of those links suggested Saad signing a bridge deal at $3-4 million, which seems hard to believe. That said, if the cap is at 71.5 (as Bettman guessed), and if all the players we expect to leave do leave, and Saad signs for $4, Kruger for $2 (Shaw numbers), that’s going to leave around $8-9m to bring back some combo of these guys: Vermette, Versteeg, Richards, Oduya, Runblad, Desjardins. It may be possible for Bowman to break the bank on one of these guys (Oduya?) . . . esp. if someone like Richards does REALLY want to return and takes that $1m – 1 year contract to do so.

    • YoAdrienne

      Versteeg still has another year on his contract.

      • Ted Matula

        yeah . . . for him I keep reading conflicting things on whether they intend to trade him or not. So his $2.2m would take up some of that chunk of $8-9m