• Andrew Heitman

    Please dont swap Thornton for Handzus. At least Handzus was likeable. Until he was on the ice.

    • MySpoonIsTooBig

      I thought you were talking about Joe for a second and I was confused. Then I realized you were talking about Shawn, and the thought of him in an Indian Head sweater made me throw up in my mouth a little

      • Andrew Heitman

        Exactly. But this sounds like a Q-Bowman barter.

        Give me Thornton and Ill play Morin.


        • lizmcneill

          Wasn’t that what resigning Bollig was for?

          • Andrew Heitman

            Lets not try to put logic to the irrational here….Bollig resigning was an act of God.

      • The Other One

        You do realize that Shawn Thornton played with the Hawks for parts of three seasons, right (and he got his NHL debut with them)?

        What’s your desk look like now that you’ve thrown up all over it?

        And no, I don’t want him on the Hawks either…

        • MySpoonIsTooBig

          I meant in an Indian Head sweater now. Yes I know he has worn one in the past, thanks for bringing up some memories I was trying to repress.

  • Andrew Heitman

    RJ Umberger is looking for a way out of Columbus as most any human would…hmm…his contract is hideous though.

    • TitanTransistor

      He’s a left wing. Do we really need another winger, let alone an expensive one when we have prospects like Nordstrom and Morin trying to crack the lineup?

      • Andrew Heitman

        I thought he was a center…hmm..my bad.

  • TitanTransistor

    This is from hockeybuzz and thus almost 99% sure to be BS, but hey, a guy can dream.


    No, not the Hawks in the Winter Classic part, though that would be cool too. This part:

    “My source reminded me this morning that Patrick Kane’s price tag for re-signing in Chicago depends highly on who is his center.
    So while some dismiss the urgency of the Hawks to find a true 2C, they shouldn’t. As reported here for over a year now, Kane’s re-signing is not nearly the “slam dunk” that Jonathan Toews’ re-signing is.

    Kane has won a lot of accolades in Chicago. But my source tells me he really wants a Hart Trophy and a Richard Trophy. To get those, he needs to have a truly stellar season or two. And to do that, he probably needs a center not named Handzus or Regin to get him the puck. Probably not named Shaw either. Otherwise, the lure of Buffalo for Kane is quite real.”

    Again, almost certainly bullshit. But if it is true, GREAT, cause maybe Kane giving the Hawks an ultimatum will finally force them to fix an issue that’s gone unresolved since somebody decided Sharp was never playing center ever again under any circumstances. Nothing can get things moving in a sports organization like the threat of a generational talent and franchise player walking.

    • jhb

      Why even type “almost certainly”? It is complete and utter bullshit. Just, I don’t even know how Jaeckel can operate a keyboard, he is so fucking dumb. Kane wants a Hart/Richard trophy soo bad he will do one of these two things: force the ‘Hawks to find a center he wants on top of his own megadeal or he will go to Buffalo, because THAT’S where he is going to win those awards? Holy shit! I need to go read some Cimalglia to get a dose of sanity.

      Nothing against your posting this, as we’ve been dying for a 2C for so long but … Jaeckel and his “sources” are a joke.


      A nice article about how Kane, really, is trying to win major hardware. Aside from that little Conn Smythe he already won.

      • Andrew Heitman

        This: “Kane wants a Hart/Richard trophy soo bad he will do one of these two things: force the ‘Hawks to find a center he wants on top of his own megadeal or he will go to Buffalo”

        Jesus christ is Jaeckel a retard.