• Joe Banks

    Bork Bork Bork!

  • Bannerman

    Was anyone else disappointed upon learning that his name isn’t Swede but Dennis? Swede would be an awesome first name.

    • Crash

      There was once a pretty cool guy named Swede Savage. He died rather poorly.

  • The Other One

    Yea, he’s a little old, but I would love to see Joe Thornton on the Hawks. I think that he and Kane played together in Switzerland during the lockout (and yes, even though he and Toews have “history”, they played together on the Canadian Olympic Team). Question is, how do they fit him in?

    Alright, now y’all can tell me what an idiot I am…

    • MySpoonIsTooBig

      I certainly wouldn’t object to seeing Jumbo Joe in a ‘Hawks sweater, the biggest impediment IMO is his contract. He’s 35 years old (though still playing at an elite level considering the only player who had more assists than he did in 2013-14 was Crosby) and about to start a 3-year contract with a cap hit of $6.75M. That’s more than either Toews or Kane will be making next season, and they’re both due raises in 2015.

      Talking about guys that are currently under contract but likely to be traded, I think a better fit would be either Ryan Kesler or Jason Spezza. Both are younger than Jumbo and have less term remaining on their current deals (2 years for Kesler, 1 for Spezza) which would give the ‘Hawks considerably more flexibility going forward. Kesler’s cap hit is also $1.75M lower than Thornton’s at $5M, Spezza’s is up at $7M but is less of a concern since it expires next summer. I absolutely do not think you’re an idiot for suggesting that Thornton would look pretty great between say Kane and Saad next season, I just think that out of players that are likely to be available via trade there are at least 2 better options.

  • To Saad be the glory

    Rasmussen is listed at 6’3″,205lbs and is a left handed shot. Why do I get this feeling in my gut that Stan is going to go through another season of musical 2nd line centers. I know……its just me…….isnt it?