• Lionel Hutz

    Friedman’s 30 thoughts says Stan wants to extend Seabrook this summer. I hadn’t even considered that option. Assumed he would make 8m+ in Edmonton. Wonder what number they are aiming for.

  • ‘hawks58

    Will the Flyers be on the hook for any cap recapture penalties with a Richards buy-out?

    And is it really a surprise that Seabrook likely won’t be dealt?

    • Lionel Hutz

      No penalties to the Flyers for the Richards contract is what I read.

  • Bob in EP

    “In a cap world, you can’t have any heart and soul.”

    • Jim

      With 10 years left, and Richards in decline at 30, that was a dumb move.

      • ‘hawks58

        And trying to put it on the player is even dumber. What would you expect the guy to say, “no, I’m finished. Buy me out because I suck at hockey.” Of course he said he would have a better year this year than he did last. And I’m sure he would say the same thing this year.

        • DJ

          And the Kings just terminated the contract due to a purported “material breach” by Richards. They’d best have some documentation to prove it…

  • Lionel Hutz

    Hawks re-sign Rundblad for two years with AAV of $1M. Don’t think anyone saw that one coming first.

    • jordyhawk

      Thumbs down from me. I don’t think his defensive instincts are good enough to ever be top 6 on a championship calibre team, but the optics of it for Stan were pretty apparent.

      • The_Cheeb

        Part of the Capocalypse. Drop 2 hits of acid and envision a small improvement in play.

      • seabsrat

        Totally agree. All year I was pleading for Q to play Rundblad, but when he actually did get more time, he didn’t show much upside. He has a good, heavy shot, and is more offensively inclined, but I feel like any time he was under duress in either zone, he crumbled.

        Hope I’m wrong, though, and he turns into something great.