• Sopel the catfish

    The self-felating of the wings fans on the WIM link is horrible

    • Raul Miller

      But they’re so good at it. They’re the Linda Lovelace of hockey fans.

  • Black JEM

    Not to mention pretty stupid – especially the guy saying he wouldn’t want Toews. Lol!

    • Raul Miller

      Well it’s pretty easy to “not want” something you can’t have to begin with. Like, I don’t even want Kate Upton to invite me over to her place for a game of strip poker. Ok, actually I do…Kate if you’re out there I’m sorry, really I am. I’m free anytime.

  • guest

    It’s times like this that I’m always shocked that more GMs don’t offensive offersheet. The Wild have been cockblocked for three straight years by this team, why in the world would Fletcher not offersheet Saad or Kruger (or both!). Worst case scenario, their forward core is a lot better and a little overpriced; best case scenario, our precarious cap balance is fucked there’s a chance the Wild can slip past us next year.

    I’m not complaining, since in this case it’ll really help us out. Still, though, the weird Brian Burke-old boys-gentlemen’s agreement stuff always seems bizarre in a cutthroat multi-billion dollar industry.

    • Black JEM

      Because he has his own cap issues and the payback in draft choices Chicago would get is significant. He would have to really overpay to get Saad – who will probably be signed before July 1 – thus screwing himself. Kruger would be a little more interesting in that as a mid level player who fills a very specific role here, you could upset the apple cart and actually get a pretty decent player.

      SJ did do that to us after 2010 – which resulted in Niemi being jettisoned. But we kept Hammer, which in retrospect was a really good thing to do.