• JustSaying15

    Now who gets the crack at Roz’s minutes? Kimmo cannot play extended minutes so somebody needs to step up. I wouldn’t mind Cumiskey gets a chance. I think he is a better option then Rundland at this point.

    • rhodes

      I think, essentially, the top-4 get Rosi’s minutes. You can’t dress just 4, so we’re going to see Kimmo w/ either Rundblad/Cumiskey. But, I will be surprised if we ever see that pair hit the ice together.

      My guess… you’ll occasionally see Kimmo thrown out with Seabrook to rest Keith for a shift, Rundblad/Cumiskey thrown out with Hammer to rest Oduya, or some other combination. It’s going to essentially be the top-4 from here on in w/ the others used for spot duty.

      At the end of the day, it’s not going to matter so much whether it’s Rundblad/Cumiskey. What’s going to matter is whether the top-4 can carry the load and stay healthy.

      • DJ

        This, plus what Jordyhawk stated. The forwards were excellent in tracking back to provide support. They will have to continue to provide it.

      • ZigZags82

        Rozy was playing 18 minutes average, but the Hawks have been relying on the top 4 pretty hard anyway. It would have been the question even if he was healthy. I think they can withstand it.

      • cza

        Just you wait until Q puts Versteeg! back in and sends Bickell to D for some shifts.

      • ZigZags82

        None of the teams left despite the Rangers, have defensive depth either. You look at all the other squads, no one else matches top 4 or a 3rd pair they rely on. We just need someone to be OK/solid and eat minutes again.

  • Bwana

    Has anyone ever found Kim Johnsson? Looks like Rozi will be joining him.
    We always rag on him, but no one wanted to see him go out like this.

  • billybee53

    Can Brent Sopel come out of retirement?

  • jordyhawk

    After Rozy went down last night the forwards did a fantastic job of coming back in support. It was stellar. The defense really didn’t even have that much to deal with until that silliness at the end. We’re going to need more of that in the next series.

    As for replacements Paliotta is also an option (obviously unlikely) but both Runblad or Cumiskey are kinda sketchy. The real problem for Q is that with Timonen playing so little he to shelter two instead of one.

    • billybee53

      Maybe Stephen Johns could be an option if Rockford is eliminated from the AHL playoffs ?

      • TheRealBBOX

        LMFAO at Q playing a rookie who has never even seen NHL game action in the Conference finals.

      • jordyhawk

        Hogs dropped their opener to Grand Rapids. If they were swept the series would end on May 14. I don’t know if he would then be eligible and while it would be a huge stretch he has been playing very well from what I’ve read and logging a lot of minutes so he would be ready.