• The Gatest Gamer

    Been watching Russia’s IIHF games. Panarin is going to be awesome with the Blackhawks.

  • jordyhawk

    A few comments on Crow. The save on the breakaway was tremendous; he really challenged the shooter and was both technically sound and very athletic on it. I thought that play really sent a message about how tough he was going to be to beat.

    One thing that is always noticeable about him in the playoffs when you get more action in the crease is his leg strength. I think his is as good as anyones. He does not get pushed around down low. Another thing is his puck handling has improved (ignore the game 1 Pred gaffe). He makes more productive plays now, and in the modern game that helps with the exits. It’s a bit like footy in the sense that the keeper has to be a bit of an outfield player as well.

    Finally, he didn’t steal that game last night. We had the lead, we were on the road, they were desperate–of course they were going to get some some looks. He did a stellar his job as the last line of defence. Everyone did their jobs. We were under some pressure, but we were not out of control. It was pretty much SOP for how you have to win on the road in that situation. A solid professional job. 20 for 60.

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    Panarin…. Drool…. Where does StanBo keep finding them?

    Looking forward to next year, just to hear Foley trying to call the game when Teravainen, Panarin, and Mashinter are on the ice together.

  • Oldfarthawkfan

    To those that panned Hawks management for keeping Oduya instead of Leddy,,this playoff season is the reason why. Leddy could not do what Oduya has done defensively. The only thing Leddy could do better is run the second unit of the power play.

    • Bannerman

      The counterpoint is this: is it easier to find someone that can do what Oduya does or someone that does what Leddy can do? We’ll get to find out this summer as we try to replace both of them.

      • Oldfarthawkfan

        Next year is moot, as both Oduya and Leddy would of been free agents, and we would of had to replace both of them anyway. We are trying to win this year, you worry about next year hopefully in June.

    • Whatever magical sorcery Oduya partook of during his time off from injury has been most welcome.