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    Meanwhile, over at the Star Tribune, they don’t seem to understand “the Blackhawks’ way.”

    “It really comes down to a simplistic approach. The Wild fancies itself as a speed team. In fact, both Blues coach Ken Hitchcock last round and Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville have called the Wild one of the best rush teams in the NHL.

    But good rush teams convert their rush chances as automatically as the Blackhawks did Sunday. Typically, when the Wild is successful, it gets pucks deep and goes to town with hard forechecks, cycling and dirty goals. It’s efficient leaving its own zone and controlling the neutral zone.

    Vanek said the Wild got caught trying to play the Blackhawks’ way. ‘You don’t beat teams by playing their way, especially not Chicago,’ he said. ‘If you play their way, it will look like we did [Sunday] night. We have to find our game here quickly, and I’m sure we will.'”

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    Interesting in-depth analysis of both goalies, their tendencies and weaknesses: