• Sarcastic Mike

    I can’t wait for the inevitable blackhawks fan i-watch heart rate chart that has the inevitable “DAMMIT VERSTEEG!” labled spike.

  • I’m trying real hard not to be a total homer jag but . . .

    Can someone explain to me where all this love for the Ducks is coming from? I mean, I don’t think they’re a garbage team or anything but I think they won a weak division and then got to play a couple of bum-ass teams in the first two rounds of the playoffs. Now they’re gonna face a real-ass team that has a winning pedigree and is talent-laden. The Blackhawks may not quite be the unstoppable force they have been on their last two Cup runs but I just struggle to see Anaheim mounting a real challenge to the Blackhawks. If anyone can make a compelling case why they will, I’m certainly listening.

    • Preacher

      I would suggest that while the Hawks may not be man-for-man as talented as past Cup teams (and even that could be argued) I think this Hawks team is more “mature” in their understanding of the game. Prime evidence? Getting a lead and continuing to attack. Maybe all those wasted 2-goal leads against LA last year taught them something.

      • Brandon Murray

        Ughh, the dreaded 2-0 lead in the NHL playoffs, worst position to be in. Remember how many times in the 2014 playoffs across all series that teams came back from 2 down to win? Insane.

        • ZigZags82

          And they’ve learned from it.

      • ZigZags82

        We’ll argue semantics and Cup teams in about a month once they hoist the 3rd, but I do think these 4 lines are the best the Hawks of this era have ever rolled out in the playoffs.

    • Brandon Murray

      I think a lot of the love comes from the fact that the Ducks swept the Jets, who until the last 2 regular season matchups had been pretty dominant over the Hawks. So there equation is Jets beat up on Hawks and then get swept by Ducks, so Ducks must be better than the Hawks. Silly logic. Ducks have flamed out of the playoffs in each year since 2007, maybe this year it is happening in round 3 instead of 1 or 2.

      • That sweet, sweet, transitive property fallacy makes more sense than anything else I’ve heard so far so it’s got that going for it, haha.

  • Jim

    The narrative seems to be the difficulty in stopping the Duck’s top line, and their depth. But what depth beyond the 2nd line. Do they realize the Hawks 4th line has been up against the top lines late in games sometimes? I don’t remember ever seeing Hawks depth like the 4 lines Chicago is currently featuring. They have Sharp on the third line!

    Also, lots are citing the loss of Roszival as a big blow. RIP Rosie. But he was slow footed and took a lot of penalties, and got a lot of passes picked off. And in the late rounds,you were always going to lean on your top 4. Look at how LA Kings put doughty out there 30+. It’s also possible Timonen is ready to be better.

    • Preacher

      From Melrose: “Quenneville knew what he’d get out of Rozsival. He’s a solid defender who makes a good first pass, a player that competes and a player that’s not going to beat himself. Losing a dependable defenseman is a big loss in the postseason no matter if he plays on your top pair or your third pair.”
      Again, do these people watch the actual games?

      • Jim

        *player that’s not going to beat himself.*

        Well, if he did watch the Hawks games, if there was a bad goal, the first thing you looked for was 32 in the general area. Plus,if you look at the play that caused the injury, it was because he was pressured into skating backwards fast, and couldn’t do it. It was a non contact injury. Now, I couldn’t even skate forward, but I don’t do this for a living. Rosie is in the NHL on an elite team, skating as a top pairing, with a 2 time Norris winner, and he could not skate backwards.

        RE: Top 4 TOI Minutes. Worked out for LA Kings…

        • Brandon Murray

          True, Rozie never beat himself, he just helped the opposition beat the entire team. Still, I wish him a speedy recover into a wonderful retirement of umbrella drinks.

        • The closer and closer you get to the prize the more you can lean on the top four. You need at least 6 to get through the regular season and probably 1st round. After that the light is at the end of the tunnel and you can start squeezing that further to 5 and even 4/4.5ish.

          • ZigZags82

            And the Hawks have done that before, along with the Kings of last year (shudders)

  • Preacher

    While everyone is heaping praise on the Ducks for what they did in the first two rounds (and it DOES look impressive, statistically) there seems to be almost no comment on the difference in opponents that the Ducks and Hawks faced. One article says “though against tougher opposition,” with regard to the Hawks, but that’s it. All I keep hearing is how the Ducks were soooo dominant. But I can’t help thinking that they did it against MUCH LESSER teams than the Hawks faced. Calgary looked like a little league team out there and Winnipeg just looked tired. The Hawks faced the greatest goalies EVER (this year’s version, at least) and were incredibly consistent in controlling games. I get it–the Ducks are the new hot thing, but, do any of these analysts/experts actually watch the games?

    • Brandon Murray

      Ducks held the lead in the Winnipeg series for about 38 minutes the entire time. By a metrics standpoint they should have lost, let alone get a sweep. They needed late heroics every single time. Flames didn’t belong in the playoffs, not yet. Should have been LA & had it been, we wouldn’t be talking about the Ducks, we’d be talking about Blackhawks Vs. Kings, Round 3.

      • Jim

        LA only missed because they couldn’t win shootouts. They were only a couple of points behind Calgary, and they had 15 OTL.

    • Amazing how so many folks are completely forgetting about the level of competition they faced.

      Winnipeg was essentially the walking dead due to all of the injuries.

      Calgary was essentially a puck luck team whose clock hit midnight.

      Then let’s look at the goalies… Pavelic, Hiller and Ramo who here thinks that the Hawks would have had any trouble with any of those 3 goalies

      I’m feeling extremely confident about the Hawks chances. Injuries and power play goals are about the only think I feel makes this close

      • jhb

        I had the chance to watch a bunch of games from Calgary-Anaheim and, phew! How did the Flames ever get in the playoffs, much less win a round?! Their d-men displayed quite a rare gift: being afraid of handling the puck while being unable to connect on any pass. The places where the Ducks got pucks in the offensive zone, they should be ashamed they lost one game in that series, or that they ever trailed in the score. But that isn’t the kind of narrative any publication wants to create. This is new territory with Bruce Boudreau getting past the second round and the notion that after all these years the Ducks are ready to wear the label “elite”. No one mentions that the ‘Hawks just beat two of the three Vezina candidates because BORING! New stuff makes for good reading.

        We fans will have to just sit through the same old Blackhawks’ puck control and quick strike ability, make Gabby yank Andersen and Gibson a couple times each and Corey Perry try to knee Andrew Shaw into oblivion.


      • ZigZags82

        *Knocks on wood*. Not even Power Play goals. Calgary and Winnipeg PKs are awful. Like ridiculously bad. Not so with the Hawks. Trending up.

    • ZigZags82

      I honestly think its all just marketing. Trying to sell the series. Because the Hawks have the clear advantage everywhere. Nothing is out of the way for the media.

  • Brandon Murray

    Like Melrose, I also expect a classic. This is the series I wanted to see. I’ll probably have the customary mini stroke, slight heart attack, and shart my pants multiple times during the series. This of course while consuming massive amounts of alcohol to celebrate the Supreme Douche of the Universe, Mr. Corey Perry.
    Ducks played a game Winnipeg team and swept them, but had to come back in every game and only led for a total of like 38 minutes the entire series. Then they played a “we shouldn’t be here yet” Flames team so I’m not using that as a barometer for success. Hawks played two much tougher opponents, but that doesn’t matter when you get to this step in the playoffs.
    Also, the Hawks dominated the head to head series (every category but hits) but even those numbers get thrown out the window at this point.
    I’ll say Hawks in 6, with at least 3 one goal games. This absolutely means we MUST earn a split in the first 2. Set the tone and let these big bad ducklings they can’t push us around. We’ll play our hockey and they can play theirs. I like our chances.

  • Brandon Murray

    Also, I can’t wait for the “Craaaaaaaaaawfooooord” chants in the opening minute of game 1.

    • ZigZags82

      Don’t forget the “Du-ucks” chant. Turning it into a two syllable word.


    • ZigZags82

      And it won’t phase him at all lol.

  • SuperHawk27


    Here is SI’s preview of the series. The Hawks have better depth at forward and Goal Tending. The Ducks D is even with the Hawks, Ducks have better special teams, AND better “fancy stats”….Hawks in 6…..with no mention of who played who in the previous 2 rounds to base these judgements on.

    Also seems like they are cherry picking some stats to make the article seem balanced.

  • TitanTransistor

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I haven’t really seen anything from Timonen that indicates he would struggle with a steady 10 minutes of ice time per night. Yes, the foot-speed isn’t there anymore, but the passing, positioning and hockey IQ are all clear to see.

    • ZigZags82

      He’s a better or equal Rozy in essence. Just was out of the game and had to get acclimated. No worries here either.

    • rhodes

      Wow. The Blues owner sounds like a complete tool.

      I love the photo attached to that article. Everyone in the frame–the coach, the players, and the fans behind them–all have that “what am I doing here?” look on their faces.

    • ZigZags82

      Yes. Please. Keep thinking that lmao.

  • cza

    Oh noes, how will we ever handle their tremendous size!

  • cza

    Oh noes, how will we ever handle their tremendous size!?

  • JKM13

    As long as we keep our current lines, I have every confidence this team will win.

    If however they lose one or two, and Quenneville goes in line scrambler (Versteeg) mode, then we might get Handzus’d. I would hope Tuevo and his line’s utter dominance last series will give everyone a wider leash in case of bad puck luck in the opening two games. But given past history…