• jordyhawk

    When I read Tracey Myer’s pre-game tweet about no 80 I just assumed he was hurt but I couldn’t recall how. I mean why else wouldn’t he be playing? The thing I most liked about us at this point is the strength down the middle–as I noted a couple of weeks ago, the best we’ve had in the seven year run. I mean for the first time we are (or at least were) playing with 4 real centers who are good at their jobs. It feels like we flushed that game away before it was even played. It is so bizarre.

  • HawkIPA

    Anyone know if there is a mandatory practice today? The sooner this lineup fiasco is sorted out the better.

    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      Yeah, that wasn’t the best lineup, but it doesn’t alter the fact that Hossa, Toews, Kane, Sharp, and Saad have 2 goals between them in almost 12 periods of hockey

      • rhodes


  • adoyleBU
  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    No shinpads? Hmm, no pants, for that matter.

    Okay, the loser of this game would be in the position of a MUST WIN on both Saturday and Monday. Been there before. Time for Q to prove his *genius, as he did in 2013 against Boston in the SCF

    *in 2013, ‘genius’ meant just putting his best five players on the ice at the same time.

    • ZigZags82

      Well if the Hawks win Saturday night….then it’s a must win for Anaheim in Game 5, and the Hawks, but more pressure on the Ducks

  • “DuckTales (Woo Oo)”…

    Great, now I’m going to be humming that ditty all day to myself. Thanks, Joe D.

    • mazer_rackham

      I’m a little disturbed by the accompanying image. I guess he was in the comic, but Donald was nowhere to be found in the Ducktales of my youth.

      • Joe DeTolve

        Haha I know, I tried to find a Ducktales Hockey Pic…I have vague recollections of an episode or two with him…Probably wearing a pastel suit because it was the 80s

  • HawkIPA

    Per Lazerus, TVR has been recalled. Not sure there’s anything to make of this for this series, but it’s interesting, to say the least. Timetable for return was early-June.

    • ZigZags82

      Hawks get to June, he’ll play

      • First time back on the ice was today. So highly doubtful we see him.

  • Ryan

    Picked up the newsletter at the game lastnight. Great read. I’ll be getting a subscription next season thanks guys!

  • cza

    Fear not, lads; we will emerge the champion of Duck Swamp.


  • jordyhawk

    I think most fans would be at least somewhat forgiving if Q simply owned the fact that the lineup changes as much as anything cost us that game. The dancing around it speaking in tongues doesn’t work. I honestly don’t ever remember a game that was so clearly a “coach loss” and certainly not this deep in the playoffs.

    • jhb

      0-5 on the PP might loom just a bit larger. But the lineup tweaks were so out of the blue – and terrible – even very “company line” writers, Scott Powers from ESPN and Brian Hedger from NHL, wrote as close as you can come to “WTF was that?” recaps.

      It feels like Q, in a fit of arrogance, wanted to prove he could out coach Boudreau with an arm tied behind his back. I mean, I understand that notion. Every time BB flashes on the screen, he looks so confused, and the infamous Ovechkin mid-game “you fat fuck” grenade always pops into my head.

      It sucks losing to a guy that looks like his main concern is that the world could possibly run out of pizza.

      What’s worse is losing that game doesn’t mean Q thinks he made any mistakes. His quotes sound like he thought it was a coin toss.

      • jordyhawk

        Yeah, he neuters two lines but no big deal. And he actually did make good moves against the Preds when it mattered. I’m still numb over it.

    • DJ

      Can’t do that; in that case by throwing himself under the bus, he’d be throwing Versteeg and Nordstrom under the bus. I know the playoffs aren’t the time for sensitive feelings, but a coach doesn’t want to start getting into that habit. All he has to do is revert back to the Game 2 lineup.

      • jordyhawk

        I think you make a good point but the lines did not look in sync all night as a result of his choices. I think he can own that without throwing those guys under the bus.

        • DJ

          They weren’t in synch, that’s for sure. I called it “unilateral disarmament” last night.

          • jordyhawk

            For sure, last two games were hockey equivalent of storming Omaha Beach and then turning around and sailing back to England,

      • HawkIPA

        Looks like he just did. He said that TT and Vermette “could play” tomorrow, which in Q-speak, means they will play. The great Nordstrom-Versteeg experiment seems to mercifully be coming to an end.

    • juniorgilb

      I am not even slightly forgiving. The Game 3 lineup changes were complete bullshit and I said so before the fact. Q is generally a very good coach, but he has blatant blind spots about certain players, e.g. Handzus, Bollig, Versteeg, Carcillo, Timonen, any young player who makes a second mistake. It is his achilles heel, and it cost the Blackhawks in 2014. The idea that he wanted to ‘give another chance’ to Versteeg who is so overwhelmingly inferior to Vermette as a 200-foot player is mind-blowing and unacceptable. Versteeg must have photos of Q in a compromising position. Same comments, slightly dialed down, for Tuevo v. Nordy. Timonen can barely skate, and Q knows this because he barely plays him. Dressing a 5-minute D-man is idiotic.

    • margincall

      Coach loss!! Yup. And everyone forgets how Game 7 of the Kings series was a “coach loss” to. And why haven’t we seen the Kane,Saad,Shaw line which every-time on ice had its way with the Kings?? Everyone gave him a pass last year. Loose this one,No way! Launch him..Bring Eddie-O down from the booth for all i care. Bottom line is ive had it with this ego maniacs micro managing. Trying to be like Phil Emery. The Smartest Guy in the room. And how that work out for him??

  • rhodes

    It looks to me like Andersen hasn’t broken much of a sweat in this series. His SV% is great, but it doesn’t look like he’s been tested very often.

    Looking at the shot event charts over at war-on-ice for last night’s game is kind of revealing. The Hawks’ attempts were high compared to the Ducks, but the Ducks blocked a shit load of shots (27) and mostly in that high percentage area between the dots and in close. While shots on goal were about even, it would appear that the saves Andersen was required to make came mostly from a distance and from bad angles. Crawford, not so much.

    I’m reminded of Darling’s comments during the Nashville series when his SV% was sky high. He attributed it to the play of the guys in front of him keeping the Preds shots coming from outside.

    Hawks have to find a way to break through this.

    • ZigZags82

      Hawks offense has been stuck to the outside because the passing hasn’t been crisp. They’ll adjust. Just shoot!

      • rhodes

        That’s the thing. It appears they have been shooting… a lot. But their shots in key areas are not getting through.

  • SuperHawk27

    Ramblin’ Gamblin Man! If this was a blackjack game, Q just split a pair of 5’s.

  • CurvedStick

    Did anyone see the video clip of Perry doing his batsh1t pre-game superstitions? It was on tuesday night during the canadian broadcast.

    At exactly 37 minutes before game time, he starts twirling his stick. And at 36 minutes some other nonsense routine. The guy is one strange douche.

    After tuesday night’s game, I was sure we had taken anaheim’s best punch, and remained standing. When I heard of the line changes I knew we were in trouble. Let’s hope there is a logical explanation (injuries) and Q hasn’t lost that last marble.

  • ourgeorge

    It came down to the goaltending. Crawford slipped while pushing off and left the net wide open for the game winning goal. Not saying Crawford should be blamed for a loss, only that the game turned into a goalie shootout.

    I think people are making too much of the line changes. The third line didn’t look dangerous in game 2 (TT looked a little frantic out there) and the fourth line put in some quality minutes against the Ducks first line.

    Let’s hope the hawks can regroup and even the series tonight.

  • Blackhawk Pete

    Tonight’s game comes down to Q’s lineup. Will he put the Hawks in the best position to win or will he give the Ducks the advantage by playing versteeg and nordy over Vermette and TT. Bowman must intervene on the lineup!!!!!!

    • rhodes

      Thursday’s loss had less to do with Versteeg and Nordy and more to do with our top-5 scorers getting shut down. Toews/Hossa/Saad/Kane/Sharp. These guys have to find ways to get better shots on Andersen and the rest have to find ways to get in position for screens/deflections/rebounds.

      Q seems determined to play a chip-and-chase game to “get the puck in behind their defense,” I heard him say. I’m starting to think Boudreau is fine with this—let the Hawks establish the perimeter and play their cycle game, just don’t let them get the puck in front of Andersen, unless it’s 50 feet out.

      I’d like to see the Hawks try skating the puck across the blue line and see what they can work off the rush rather than immediately dumping the puck into the corners. And I hate to say it, but Versteeg is better suited for this kind of game than Bickel.

      • CurvedBlade

        Well, it looks like you’re going to see a lot more chip/chase tonight. Q and a few players are quoted in the Tribune as saying trying to carry it in slowed them down too much and caused too many turnovers.

        I think it’s like football, where you establish the run so later you can pass. If they successfully chip/chase WITH SPEED AND NUMBERS, the ducks will be forced to back off the blue line. Then there will be more open ice for carries — which is the preferred option.

  • Wayne Van Dorp

    Story of series Q being outwitted by Sir Topham Hatt. Hawks’ talent prevails in spite of obvious inefficiencies on bench.