• Jim

    Tuevo replacing 23 = +1

    • YoAdrienne

      Still plenty of time for Q to change his mind.

      • SuperHawk27

        too much time I’m afraid….

    • jordyhawk

      You’d get about 98% approval rating for that statement. Last year Wild had the edge in play. With that under their belt, many are expecting them to break through this year. If we’re going to win this I think we’re going to need a bit more in a few spots. Desjardins has brought that to the fourth line. Taking a chance on TT is worth it.

      Bonus: Versteeg comes off second PP unit as well. I would really like to see Bickell on that second unit, but if TT got a shot that would also be okay.

      • Jim

        With TT over 23 and 11 on the fourth line, I think the offense is constructed as well as can be. We are one (2?) guy short on D, but remember Leddy sat last year, with his whole family in attendance.

        • Oldfarthawkfan

          Classic Q way of setting up lines. A shooter, a set up guy, and a puck retriever. Although in 19-81-20, all three perform the above tasks equally well.

          • Jim

            19-81-20 = Arguably the best line in the NHL

          • jordyhawk

            They are a fine trio. Twelve feathers that weigh so heavily for us.

      • Lionel Hutz

        Rather see 88 go back to playing both PP units.

      • HawkIPA

        The Hawks have solved Rinne, Rask, Quick, Luongo, and Miller over the past few years. The only goalie who stuffed them in a series was Mike Smith, and Hossa had little say in that one. Dubnyk has been hot, no question, but we’re not talking about Dominick Hasek here. If the Hawks lose, it will be because of defensive breakdowns, not Dubnyk. Series will be tough, but I’ll take the Hawks in 6.

        • jordyhawk

          Fair comments. Just to play devil’s advocate, I think one factor that Minny has going for it is that their level of belief in themselves against us will be higher than it was 2 years ago (probably non-existent) and last year (higher, but still filled with doubt). I suspect that as a team they now firmly believe they can beat us. We need to crush that in games 1 and 2. We are 6-0 against them in the UC over the past two series. Let’s keep that piano on their backs.

  • Brandon Murray

    This is definitely a better Wild team. However I said before the Preds series that we would either lose to Nashville or be playing in the WCF. No in between. So Hawks in 6 & a right fine series for TT who scores 2 goals & has 2 helpers.

    • Skags

      I actually think the preds are better than either the wild or the blues. Everyone keeps saying how good the wild are playing and I think the blues were really not very tough to play against. They’re slow and except for 1 or 2 players not much of a scoring threat.

      This is our series to lose. No question about it.

  • ZigZags82

    Hawks in the Toews/Kane era, have either lost in the (2x) 1st round, (2x) Western Conference Final or won the Cup (2X). There is no in between with this crew in the 2nd round, gotta feel more.

    Hawks in 6.