• wardrums

    Great article on Evander Kane. If he pans out, and a little luck in the McDavid lotto, Buffalo could get healthy in a hurry.

    Evander got nothing on me; I slept in a bedroom with three other brothers! He’s right about always having someone to play with.

    • I have 5 older sisters, for me besides someone to play with, they always had someone to beat on.

      • wardrums

        I had five sisters also. Two were a year ot two older. My oldest sister used to Lord it over me pretty good. Tjen when I turned 10 or 11, she said she. Realized all the sudden I was stronger than her. She tells a fable aboit me making her eat grass o e day to our kids. My daughter for the longest time would say”Aunt Mary Therese, tell the story about my dad making you eat grass,” whenever we got together.

    • The Hull With It

      Winipeg was stupid for trading him. Why does a grown man have to put on a suite and tie just to drive to the rink? Then immediately take off the suite and tie, and put on a hockey uniform? The people who enforce rules like that are the real problem children.

      Just let the damn athlete play with minimal bullshit. Kane is right. It is the entertainment industry.

  • What an embarrassment Shaw was with that hit!

  • Brandon Murray

    Do you guys ever take the time to read the comments people leave (especially on Puck Daddy)? Blues fans might just be the most ridiculous group of humans on the planet. Shaw was a bonehead for leaving his feet and getting caught up in playing “Blue’s Hockey”. Problem is that every Blue’s fan in the world this morning thinks the Hawks are wimps, classless, and the dirtiest team in the NHL. The shit is absolutely laughable coming from that fan base. Scum indeed. One guy who had is case immediately refuted by statistics (more specifically the fact that the Blue’s are consistently among the league top 8 in hits and penalty minutes while the Hawks generally rank around 29th or 30th) turned the conversation to the Cubs-Cardinals.
    I have NEVER met any other fanbase who will bring up baseball in a hockey discussion. Sad, sad, sad.