• jordyhawk

    I was hoping to see the yutes (Baun and Paliotta) get a game in, but if all 82 matter that won’t happen. I guess that’s a good thing for us as we continue to close the gap.

  • Jim

    Calgary comments about Bollig look like the comments here last year:

    What if…
    … the Flames never dressed Bollig for a game ever again. Ever. Ever, ever, ever. Stop it. He’s bad at hockey. His mere presence cost his team tonight in the midst of a playoff race. He was sitting the last three games, and Ferland was looking so good out there withDrew Shore and Matt Stajan on the fourth line. Why’d he have to ruin it?


    • I’m sure it was a very grindy 2:58 he played last night.

      • Jim

        He got 20:00 in penalties for a dirty hit, and put his team on a PK. (although I have mixed feelings, because it was River Scum, and specifically Jackman that got boarded by Bollig)

        • It takes real talent to accomplish so much in so little time. He’d make Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard proud with a line like that.

    • YoAdrienne

      Didn’t a lot of Flames fans think he was a steal when they first got him? Sometimes I wonder that fat contract he got was just Stan putting lipstick on a pig that he wanted to sell.