• TheRealBBOX

    Is it goddamn Friday yet?

    • rhodes

      And once Friday gets here, we’re going to have to wait until goddamn 8:30pm.

      • JB from PA

        Is this anything like GODDAMNIT VERSTEEG? I seem to be having a nervous tick of this nature…

      • TheRealBBOX

        If you’re trying to make me feel bad about life you’re succeeding.

  • Reading about the Islanders moving certainly reminds me of the sadness I felt in April of ’94, after the Hawks fell to the Leafs in the first round and closed the doors on hockey at The Stadium for good. Glad to have been a young punk at the second-to-last game at the barn with my bro. Even saw the Hawks’ very last goal scored on Stadium ice…JR’s OT game-winner in Game 4 to beat Felix the Cat. Love the UC, but still miss the old girl, even today.