• Brandon Murray

    “I almost felt bad for the city of St. Louis yesterday” BWAHAHAHAHAHA.
    I did not. The way they act for 82 games in the regular season. The shit they talk when they beat Chicago in a regular season game. The way they talk about the Cardinals championships over the Cubs or the Sox (usually in the middle of a hockey conversation no less). Their elitest attitude encompassed in a hillbilly body. The way they all abandon their NHL team the minute it is over & immediately claim to not care because it is baseball season.
    No, I did not feel bad for them. Fuck them and Fuck the Blues. I’m letting them all know that when it comes to round 1, “You Blue it”. Yes we could still lose to the Wild, but they had this coming.

    • Oldfarthawkfan

      Soooo in the warped mind of a Blues fan, is Backes still a better Captain than Towes because he hits? LOL what was he in the series -5? I love that Engblom was announcing that game, after the Blues beat the Hawks the last 2 games, he also annointed the Blues Stanley cup champs cause “They have everything”. Did you see the look on that asshat Jackman’s face? Priceless

    • Preacher

      Don’t insult hillbillies by comparing them to Blues fans.

      And for fun, go read the Gametime postgame comments. Golden!

  • Brewblaz

    I’m in a strange position, am a diehard Hawks fan (not from Chicago) and am a Brewers fan in baseball, and yet find myself admiring the Cardinals for years and years simply by being an exemplary organization. I think if I rooted for the Cardinals, I might have a slightly snobbish attitude. That being said, I’m glad the Wild crushed the Blues.!….go Hawks!!!

  • jordyhawk

    noun / bluicide

    : the annual first round playoff series loss by the talented but feckless St. Louis Blues hockey team.

  • TitanTransistor


    TT is playing on Vermette’s wing opposite Sharp!

    • HawkIPA

      Not getting my hopes up yet, but this is encouraging.

      • jordyhawk

        Liking it.

        • Oldfarthawkfan

          A third line of Vermette, Sharp and TT could reek havoc

          • BlueHater

            So you are saying they smell bad? How would you know?

    • seabsrat

      What kind of witchcraft would allow such a move?!

    • bobpulfordshelpermonkey

      But, but, who will we rely on for that behind the back, blind pass in our own zone with forecheckers bearing down???

  • Meh


  • wihawkfan

    I do feel sorry for tarasenko. He deserves better.

    He was all heart.

    Schwartz is a player too.

    The rest of that bunch was slow, heartless and leaderless (from Backes to Hitchcock).