• jordyhawk

    That was fun. Usually I sweat bullets in those situations, but for whatever reason I felt entirely comfortable watching last night. I would really like to win on Thursday and have done with Preds who played a great game last night. Two guys that really stuck out for me were Bickell and Oduya–more please. My one gripe is how did Timo only play 12 minutes (which is one minute more than Preds Kevin Fiala of whose existence I was unaware of until I read the event summary). Last, Q made the right lineup changes before game 3 and it showed again last night. It will be interesting to see who Bickell skates with in game 5. He’s starting to look pretty snarly.

    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      I was comfortable cuz I thoroughly expected us to cough it up. You give away a goal like Keith did (with help from his friends) in a playoff game, you don’t usually win.

    • HawkIPA

      I liked Bickell-Richards-Kane. Q should keep that line together, and Versteeg on the 4th line, where he wasn’t terrible.

      • meme gene okerlund

        Versteeg needs to sit for 86

        • cza

          Yes, or Shaw. Just get him in there.

          • HawkIPA

            Shaw’s slashing penalty was obscene. That said, he’s not going anywhere unless he ratchets up the stupidity over several more games.

        • HawkIPA

          Agreed, but knowing Q, Versteeg won’t be scratched after a win. Putting him on the 4th line would at least minimize the damage.

    • CoolTalk

      Group think, group think, group think…

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    My Recap:
    When’s this game gonna start? Fuck NBC.
    Good pace. Good Pressure. Oh, Crap. Damn it, Bicks
    Yay! Vermy!

    Keith! Goddammit.
    Fucking Klownshoes
    SAD PANDA!!!!!!
    Ugh… Come ON! dammit, RInne!
    zzzz zzzzz zzzzz
    zzzz zzzzz zzzzzz
    BISCUIT zzzzz zzzzz

  • Brandon Murray

    A few thoughts:

    1. 88 continues to produce at a point per game pace in the playoffs. 4 games and 4 points with his assist on the GWG.
    2. Marian Hossa is ageless and just may be an ancient God living among mortals.
    3. Saad is on the doorstep of breaking out into an all-world player.
    4. If you don’t know how valuable Keith & Seabs are now, just take a look at the ice time and the GWG. Those 2 are invaluable.
    5. HATE TO SAY IT, HATE TO SAY IT but…………the “ageless Mikey Roszival” (according to Kevin Weekes of NHL Network) was actuall pretty good tonight. I didn’t have my patented “WTF Rozie?” moment until late in the 1st OT.

    I satyed up for the entire game. It was a blistering pace even in the double OT. SO happy to be up 3-1 but am also so aware that we could easilt be down 3-1. Have to bring everything we have in Nashville on Thursday, the place will be loud, the fans will be rowdy, and the Perds will throw everything they have at us. Let’s Go Hawks!

    • Roenik27

      Well, last year was a tough one and we all know that the Blackhawks would have swept NY for their 2nd straight Stanley Cup, but did you know that after this years Stanley Cup win that the Blackhawks could have won 3rd straight championships. That’s right … a THREE PEAT! So close, but at least we will get our 3rd Stanley Cup in 6 years.

      • Hags

        let’s pump the brakes here a bit.. This Nashiville series isn’t over yet. I sincerely fear Minnesota more than any other team in the West, and a St. Louis series would figure to be just as tight. Anaheim is setting up to be well rested in the West Final being on the verge of sweeping WPG and probably making quick work of Calgary (or Vancouver, LOL) in round 2, not to mention whatever the Hawks would have to face in the Cup final if they get there.

        • Roenick27

          My biggest fear were the LA Kings. They always seem to give us problems. Seeing that they’re gone, I feel very confident about our chances. The rest of the west (except Vancouver) has never tasted Stanley Cup Finals play.

      • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

        Eggs… Hatching…. not counting….

      • DJ

        Easy, Mongo. Even assuming we close this series out, there’s Minny/STL, then someone from the Pacific, then the East (would you really take the Rangers so lightly? Or Carey Price on one of his rolls?)

  • TheRealBBOX

    I know it was a late night, John Dietz, but it’s Brandon, not Andrew. You’re gonna wanna know that name cuz you’re gonna be writing it a lot and for a long time methinks.

  • ghoulius

    From On the Forecheck’s game recap:

    “James Neal used his deadly hands to put Nashville ahead for a long
    while, until Brandon Saad scored his second of the series. What order
    did they score? Neal before Saad.”

  • Oldfarthawkfan

    Does Q have a secret time machine, I thought I saw 2013 Roszy and Bicks out there that game. Bicks going end to end and getting off a good shot? I had to check to make sure I wasn’t watching a DVR.

  • The NHL has my vote to consult Toronto in order to help determine where in the depths of a goalie’s nether regions a hidden puck has likely entered…especially in the second OT of a game that starts at 8:45.

  • Roenik27

    When the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup this year, they will have won 3 world championships with 3 different goalies. That’s hard to comprehend.