• wanker751


    Wow a pretty good write up by Lazerus and critical of the organization…. wonder if he will get back roomed because of it.

    • Brandon Murray

      Solid article. Lots of questioning Q and Bowman this season because things haven’t been as dominant as we have become accustomed to. A few thoughts on that. Pirri got ultra hot the last 17 games of the season with 13 goals, but the first 65 he produced 9 goals and 2 assists. Thats 11 points in 65 games. No thanks. Hayes had a hard-on because his brother got dealt? Man up. That will only be an issue moving forward.Guys like that become clubhouse problems because they are selfish. Just my opinion.
      The one I am in 100% agreement with is Leddy. I miss that dude and think he would be a great help this season. It is too bad we had to trade him. It is too bad TVR got hurt, and it is too fucking bad that Rozie is still allowed a roster spot.

      • Twenty-two goals and two assists (Pirri’s output this season) IS a pretty unusual combo.

        • The Hull With It

          Let’s not forget throwing away Ben Smith. I still remember how he almost single handedly brought us back in the 2010 vancouver series. Then we didn’t see him again for 2 frigging years. We ruined a good one here, fans.

          Pirri’s 22 goals likely puts him in the NHL top 30, but I’d have to check. I believe the league average is 8 goals. This was another stupid move by the org. Perhaps he was a prima donna, but management needs to be adult and let athletes be themselves.

          Fire Q after this season. Dineen or Kitchen should get a chance, unless Darrel Sutter becomes available.

  • Brandon Murray

    A few things this morning:
    1. Is anyone else completely shocked at the number of “experts” (a term I use loosely) on ESPN, TSN, NHL.com, etc. who have picked the Hawks to either be in the SCF or win the Cup? No doubt we have a great team, but as someone who watched all 82 games (especially the last 25 or so) this surprises me. Feels like a safe pick. The goaltending and defense (MINUS fucking Rozie) has been very good but the O is my concern. Hopefully 88 helps get the creative flow moving again and should be a huge boost to the PP.
    2. Can Nashville fucking let it go already? Oh no, we cheer during the Anthem. Oh no we scooped up 35% of your tickets every time we come to town. Don’t like it? Buy more fucking tickets and sell out your place. I had this discussion at an early Sunday morning game in St. Louis a few months back when the Hawks were in town. There was probably 4000 Hawks fans give or take a few hundred and they cheerd during the anthem. This completely irritated the Blues fans beside me who asked me why we hate America, being a real douche. Then if you don’t know, at the end of the Anthem when it says “Home of the Brave”, Blues fans scream “Home of the Bluuueeesss” instead of Brave. So I turn to him and I said “Hey Dick Farmer, how is what just happen any different and any less disrespectful to America?” He begin some sort of inbred response to which I replied, “Nope. Now sit the fuck down and watch the game.”
    If Nashville and St. Louis spend any more time worrying about how we conduct ourselves, I’m gonna throw-up. Oh well, the playoffs are fucking here! Let’s Go Hawks!

    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      A lot of it is momentum from last year, where we finished third in the division and went to game seven OT of the WCF.

      I am partially optimistic re Kane’s return providing a much needed spark, but a little voice keeps telling me, ‘The cup wins followed years in which you won the division.’

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    Babs is the one guy I would take over Q, and if he leaves Detroit, I hope we at least give him a call. Of course, it becomes REALLY hard to make a coaching change if Q has another long playoff run.

    • wanker751

      Not if Babs is out there IMO….

    • mazer_rackham

      The grass is always greener…Babcock exhibits the same mistrust and borderline mishandling of youth that Q does. He put off playing Tatar and Nyquist until he was absolutely forced to due to injuries and veterans leaving. If the Wings had the depth of the Hawks those guys would still be in Grand Rapids begging for trades.

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    Are Hawks fans so annoying on the road that opposing teams would rather see empty seats? Apparently so.

    • Sopel the catfish

      blues fans are terrible er’rywhere, there should just be a ban on people from stl in all buildings.

    • Nashville has had this very same issue with fans from other cities as well, including Scum and River Scum. The common denominator in all this is … Nashville.