• guest

    How many of you actually thought the Kings would miss?

    Maybe this will be a wakeup call to our own boys who think they can just “turn it on” and win whenever.

  • John S

    The NHL Central Division is by far the best in the league. That’s why, this weekend I’m cheering against all my instincts as a Blackhawks fan. I want the Wild to win. I want the Blues to win. I want ANARCHY. I want the Ducks to somehow lose to the lowly Coyotes.

    I want a Hawks @ Ducks first round matchup and the path to the WCF to include no other divisional opponents.

    Is it a cop out? Maybe.

    Can it happen? You bet.

    Will it? I guess we’ll see…

    • Brandon Murray

      Here is what could still possible happen:
      Hawks need just 1 point to lock up the #3 slot against Nashville. Regardless of what Minnesota does.
      If StL and ANA finish tied for any reason, ANA hold the tie-breaker and draws WPG while STL gets MIN. Unless we finish tied with MIN, then we would play STL as the Wild Card.
      If STL finishes ahead of ANA by a point of two, STL becomes the #1 overall and ANA the #2. If this happens and CHI doesn’t gain a point and MIN gains 2, we will play the Ducks.
      Lots of possibilities and I know the NHL tries to have the division teams battle it out until the WCF, but when one division puts 5 of the 8 in the playoffs it mucks it up a little.
      That was my original question to. If CHI ends up a wild card playing ANA and wins the series would we get the winner of CAL/VAN? We would kind of have to thanks to the unbalanced division reps right?
      Also, not so sure we want the Ducks in round 1 the way our O is playing now. I’d prefer Nashville as they have been pedestrian the last quarter of the season

  • Sopel the catfish

    My brother just sent me the secret to Q’s lines, all you have to do is paste the names in and hit enter!