Morning Links 3/4/13

Gangsta Raps:(Cheer the Anthem)(The Third Man In)(Second City Hockey)

Beat Raps: (Chicago Tribune)(Daily Herald)(Fox)(Comcast Chicago)(Detroit Free Press)(TSN)

They can still improve :{AUTOPLAY} (Comcast Chicago)

Pure Swagger: (The Score)

Verdi’s take on the Humble Hoss: (

Chris Boden’s take on injury secrecy: (Comcast Chicago)

Columbus still wants their All Star Game: (Columbus Post Dispatch)

Yep and Patrick Kaleta is still an asshat: (PuckDaddy)

  • Waylon

    The great thing about Kaner in these shootouts is how much he obviously enjoys them, even when he doesn’t score. Almost everyone else has that look like oh well I guess I have to do this now but not this guy.

    • Oh for sure. It must be a lot of scrutiny and pressure for the average player. But I imagine that when you have skills like Kane, it’s a chance to thoroughly dunk your salty beanbags in Howard’s mouth (again) and have the world watch and admire. Exquisite.

      • The Doctor

        What great imagery.

        • Joe Banks


      • Waylon

        Don’t get cocky!

      • These beanbags are making me thirsty!

      • Bullitt315

        Something about Kaner being hard on the puck seems appropriate here.

  • cliffkoroll

    Yeah, Hoss is awesome. So is Verdi.

    • Paul the Fossil

      “he protects the puck as if it is the last one he will ever cradle. His
      shootout numbers aren’t staggering. Perhaps he feels odd gliding in
      alone on net, without a checker hanging on him.”

      Next time the Hawks are going into a shootout Hoss should ask the ref for permission to have Brookbank or somebody follow him in as if it was an in-game semi-breakaway, shoving and grabbing and trying to smack the puck or his stick. [Without checking I’ll betcha that the rulebook doesn’t specifically forbid that cause who’d ever have thought such a rule was needed?] And then he scores the goal anyway, thereby taking away Kane’s title as the team’s reigning shootout badass.

      • DesertHawk

        Bolland should ask for the same thing.

    • puppetmasterp

      The comments about Hossa thinking his wife was with him while he was in the hospital, even though she was in Slovakia, unnerved me a bit. Had no idea his condition had been that bad.

      • Waylon

        I think he lay in bed for more than a week, couldn’t get out of it. Fuck Torres, that guy should not be playing in the league anymore.

  • cliffkoroll

    OT. Yesterday saw two historic original six match-ups. All four teams are likely playoff participants, with the Bruins and Hawks pacing their conference, the Habs breathing down Boston’s neck, and Detroit as the perennial league powerhouse for two decades.

    And what did we see? One magnificent game of hockey…and then the chippy Habs-Bruins tilt.

    If you had to guess, picking Boston v. Chicago for this year’s Stanley Cup Finals would prolly be the odds-on favorite.

    Boston is very good, but I don’t like their game- constantly favoring the big hit over the skill play. Even Chara, their captain, and Krejci enjoy the cheap hits and around the net bullshit, so of course the douchier members of the team are gonna follow suit (How much of this crap did we see between the Hawks and Wings?)

    And then after the game, Julien is all bitching about Montreal diving.–nhl.html;_ylt=Asca91..aZX40pmXhzx2HDORbcp_;_ylu=X3oDMTE5azBvc2k2BG1pdANCbG9ncyBJbmRleARwb3MDMzQEc2VjA01lZGlhQmxvZ0luZGV4;_ylg=X3oDMTFpMm9iMzh1BGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdANibG9nBHB0A3NlY3Rpb25z;_ylv=3

    Take a look at those two games NHL, and decide what kind of hockey you prefer, and call the games accordingly.

    • Waylon

      I think the worst part of watching that game was viewing guys like Chara and Lucic taking on players who they outweighed by about 50 pounds, and had huge reach advantages as well. And then you had to hear all about how they had to “protect their guys.” From whom and what, exactly? The Canadians were trying to get their guys in front of the net, to which the Bruins apparently went ape shit about. And don’t get me started on that punk – ass Marchand. Someone needs to rearrange his rat – like face and demeanor, but soon. If we have to meet them in the Finals the Hawks will have to have their heads on a swivel, and it will be ugly as hell.

      • laaarmer

        I don’t like Marchand either. That little stick thing yesterday was a call for an asskicking, but it does sound funny coming from us when Dan Carcillo is on our team. Also, isn’t Shaw a little like Marchand? Not to mention we love us some Rat. Bolland is a nasty player too. I’m just saying.

        • Waylon

          Oh sure we have our share of miscreants as well – but because Carbomb basically is not a very good player, he doesn’t play much so there’s only so much damage he can do (and whom among us actually likes him on our team?). Shaw and Bolland are definitely chippy, but like Marchand they’ll keep playing because they have actual talent – but unlike Marchand, I don’t believe that either has deliberately tried to injure another player without cause (like that crap submarining cheap – shot thing). That kind of play is really beyond the pale, IMHO. I also think Shaw’s dumb play on Couture was a response to the kind of stuff the Shark’s are forever dealing out when the Hawks play them.

          • laaarmer

            Shaw is a mean little shit, don’t kid yourself.
            I was just looking for a list of repeat offenders. Is there one? I think it would be interesting to see who has the most on their team.

            Keith, Hjammer, Carcillo come to mind for The Hawks. Who else? Mayers? Rozsy?

            Bruins have Marchand, Chara,Lucic, Ference, McQuaid (? fined but maybe not a repeater). Nice team there.

          • Waylon

            I guess the only defense I can muster up as a typical kool – aid drinker is that maybe every team needs a few shit – stirrers, and while we’re no different than the average team, at least we’re not the kind of douche – tastic collection the Bruins have right now. I’d be interested to know the stats on how many players the Hawks have given concussions to, and then look at the numbers against – seems we’ve been on the wrong end of that kind of injury.

          • DesertHawk

            Had to be Boynton

        • cliffkoroll

          Dude, of course the Hawks have some shit-stirrers. If you watch closely, you’ll notice that hockey is only superficially like ballet.

          And repeat offenders, like Duncan Keith? Hilarious example. Keith’s history of violence is 100% related to settling scores with asshat plays.

          For the Bruins, top-to-bottom, it’s a way of life. See the difference?

          • laaarmer

            I don’t believe I was speaking/typing to/at you, but to retort.
            Duncan keith is on the list. he has been suspended for a bad play he made in hockey. We can frost it all we want, but the fact is he hit a Sedin in the head on purpose. He is on that list.
            Regarding your ballet comment, nobody except you has said that.

            Ah Cahnt see thah Dahffahrance

          • cliffkoroll

            Jebus, do you think you’re in a private chat room? That “I’m a foggy old man and wasn’t talkin’ to you” shtick may work on guilt-ridden hipster-doofuses, but I’m older than you, so put that shit away.

            You can’t see the difference? Didn’t take you for a moral relativist, but ok.

          • laaarmer

            Marchand – Shaw. No real difference. Both are good undersized players that are a tad nasty. Both play incredibly hard. Marchand is hanging with a different crowd. Chara is his captain while Shaw gets Toews. I would take either or preferrably both on my team. Chara – who wouldn’t want him? Same with Lucic. Ference – meh.
            Oh, and don’t forget Bergeron plays for them. Horton too. Savard used to. Boston has been victimized as much as they have been predators, if not worse.
            Boston will beat you in hockey and beat the shit out of you. Not unlike ballet, cliff

            So, yeah, I don’t see the difference because there is no difference seeing as how we employ Carcillo (a legit repeat offender)

    • Z-man19

      Keep preaching it Brother Cliff. The Habs/Bruins game would have been very entertaining if not for all the asshattery.

      A Hawks/Habs final would be succulent hockey.

    • puppetmasterp

      I’ve actually been leaning towards the possibility that the WCF will be the more hotly contested series than the SCF… and it should be Ducks vs. Hawks, no question. I’ve actually been surprised not to hear more about the ducks lately…If they’re in the East, they’re the conference leader with games in hand. In any other year, they’d be top of the West. And right now, they are really the only team I fear in the long-run (maybe LA too if they get more consistent).

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    Shame someone had to lose that game yesterday. Now with that emotional win behind us, the streak intact, and Minn coming in, tomorrow’s game is the sixth trap game of the shortened season.

  • Z-man19

    One thing I think we can take away from yesterday’s game is Crow is in good health. Whatever happened to him in St. Louis didn’t carry over to this game. A couple of his saves yesterday were stellar.

    • TheFullAmonte

      And this is the best news to come from that game really. With all the points we already have health becomes more and more important.

      • Z-man19

        That will be the trick for Q, playing everyone enough to stay sharp AND healthy

        • Accipiter

          Why did you emphasize the word and ?

          • Z-man19

            It needed it, DUH

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    From PD: For those of you saying the real winner of the Hawks / Wings games is Hockey, NBC says you’re right.