• Accipiter

    For those interested in PDO, I stumbled across this: http://blogs.thescore.com/nhl/2013/01/21/pdo-explained/

    • Personal displays of omnipotence? Is your link just a Hossa highlight reel?

    • Sparky_The_Barbarian

      Interesting concept for us stat heads. Seems similar to the Bowman rule on special teams. Could be a good indicator of a hot team playing above their heads, or a cold team not playing as bad as their record.

    • Paul the Fossil

      Here are the team PDOs for the season through Sunday:

      It’s no criticism or particular concern to suggest that the Blackhawks have been getting the bounces so far. Obviously any hockey team that plays 16 games without a real loss, like a pitcher who throws a perfect game, is being both lucky and good.

      Fans of the Ducks and Maple Leafs ought to be concerned however. Kings, Blues, Panthers and Flyers fans can take some heart, looks like those teams are each due for a market correction upward. (Though the unusually-short season does mean less time for that to happen.)

      Tampa Bay has been getting plenty of bounces but _still_ isn’t in a playoff position, ruh-roh…meanwhile the Canadiens’ gaudy record appears to be at least partly real, their PDO is above 1.000 but now hugely so.

      • laaarmer

        Isn’t there a fatal flaw in this PDO number? It’s like fantasy land.

        I hate this stuff. Everything will move to the mean as you get larger samples. Come on. Watch the games. They play the games one at a time. What we want and how you become a winning team is to do things better than average for longer periods of time.

        BTW – I haven’t fallen on the ice in my driveway yet this year. I’m about due. What are my chances?

        • Accipiter

          How many times have you been on your driveway (TOD) ?
          What is the quality of the ice ?
          Do you feel lucky ?

          • laaarmer

            punk. Well do ya?

        • Do you secretly play for the Canucks? (If so, 100%)

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    BJ suffers a major blow….

    Boo sees what you did there.

  • laaarmer

    Anisimov’s head got hit numerous times on that play. Brain moving in different directions each time. White’s shoulder, Whites leg, Quincey, Ice, Quincey. I hope he feels better sooner rather than later. If that is not a reason for Hybrid icing I don’t know what is.

    • Paul the Fossil

      Indeed. They ought to at least try that rule and see how it goes, maybe in next fall’s exhibition games.

      • Guest

        Having watched a bunch of college hockey, hybrid icing really doesn’t detract anything from the excitement of the game.. unless you find horrifying injuries like this or Carcillo’s last year exciting.

    • wardrums

      I’d tend to agree with that – and I believe Anisimov was actually playing quite well for the BJ’ss

    • KenOda

      The league I work in (NAHL) uses hybrid and it doesn’t change the game much. The biggest difference is that it leads to more judgement calls on icing and every coach responds like his team is getting screwed on any close race, but that shouldn’t stand in the way of player safety. From a spectator’s point of view it doesn’t damage the product one bit.

      • laaarmer

        I would have no problem with auto icing. There are some judgement calls there too. Like refs always say somebody tipped the puck. They never do, they just could have. The race for icing is not a good thing.
        We have a friend who plays for the ND team in the NAHL. Good kid, big goalie. Good hockey.

        • KenOda

          Tyler Parks? If so he plays for my team in Minot, and is the biggest reason we went from a 7 win team last season to above .500 and a playoff team this year.

          • laaarmer


  • justforkicks

    DiPietro being put on waivers at noon to be sent down to the AHL

    • sub heading: Sprains ankle texting cab company – out 3 to 4 weeks.

    • AirTrafficAJ

      In unrelated news, Tim Thomas’ voicemail box is overflowing with calls from his new team.

    • Paul the Fossil

      And that insane contract he got still has _eight_ years left on it.

  • justforkicks
    • pompoon

      I can’t really blame Karlsson for being pissed. I don’t *believe* him, and I don’t think Cooke tried to hurt him at all…but if it was me I’d be that mad too.

      • justforkicks

        I can understand Karlsson and Melnyk being pissed it happened. But to allude to or outright say that it was intentional or that Cooke was trying to knock him out is above and beyond.

  • laaarmer

    I just went outside to clear the snow off my driveway. While I was pulling the snowblower to start it Jannik Hansen, who has the day off, was trying to get an icicle from my neighbors house whacked me in the back of my head with his elbow. I said “what the fuck?” He said, “driveway play, you’ll be fine”

    • Accipiter

      He wouldn’t be surprised if you were back on the driveway tomorrow.

    • Joe Banks

      Did you feel a small prick?

  • justforkicks
  • Hossa playing tonight. Awesome.

    • red palace

      Is this a stat: everyone healthy enough to play!? Looking at the carnage around the league, I’d say the Hawks are damn lucky. As well as damn good.
      /knocks on wood, rubs rabbit foot, etc etc

  • JesusMarianHossa

    I’ll be stopping by whatever place lets me light a candle for Hossa on the way home tonight. I think my closest option is Chick-Fil-A so that’ll have to do.

  • Accipiter
    • MattC86

      What I really love is that we’ve read that previous twice before already. “Sharks look to knock off high-flying Hawks.” Just like we’ve read it twice about Vancouver. Just like how (knock on Bollig) we’ll get to read about it re: Columbus again on Sunday. Ahh the joys of a winning streak.

      • ahnfire

        don’t mock the hockey gods; simply thank them for their blessings ;P

    • laaarmer

      For you stat guys, some insight.
      “Five of Patrick Kane’s nine goals this season were to the high stick or glove sides.”
      5 out of 9 or 55% or 45% didn’t go high. He’s due for a low goal

      • Accipiter

        I wouldn’t consider myself a stat guy, but if he nets one tonight it’ll be low blocker side.

  • DesertHawk

    Yeah I’ve never gotten the whole ESPN thing, who cares? Maybe it’s cause I don’t follow any other sports, so I’ve never really watched ESPN, so their shitty hockey coverage has never fazed me.

  • Preacher

    Question for you semi-techy people: someone who records TV to a hard drive, please contact me. I need to figure out how it all works.
    preacher000000 at yahoo(dot)com
    That’s 6 zeroes, by the way. Thanks.

  • The Doctor

    So I’ve been hearing Crow is good to go but am confused as to why Q is still going with Emery. If Crow is truly ready, it would be wiser to start him tonight and again against the Oilers on Monday with Ray getting the start against the BJs on Sunday.

    • Accipiter

      Ray is playing well, has had a few days off, not sure if it matters too much.

    • justforkicks

      He said during practice yesterday that his timing and stuff was still off – may just be to give him some more time in practice to get himself up to speed, versus throwing him against a team.

    • wardrums

      Q rides the hot hand. I like the idea of making sure or the cobwebs are clear – not sure I like Hoss playing tonight.

      • The Doctor

        That’s my concern. I wouldn’t really call him the “hot hand” in terms of his performance. It’s been satisfactory and he’s getting the wins, but he’s definitely not “hot.”

        • TheFullAmonte

          I’m fine with riding the “adequate hand” to give Crow a little extra break to make sure he is recovered fully and seeing some shots in practice.

          • The Doctor

            Normally I would be too. I’m just being selfish. Going to the game tonight and I’d rather not it be the first loss. I’m sure Emery will do fine.

          • Wardrums

            .925 SV%, 2.26 GAA – he’s got to be doing something right. Admittedly these are a good notch above his career average, however the team in front if him is a little better than its been.
            Hopefully he won’t be too nervous as we go for the record tonight. I know my stomach would be full of butterflies.

            Why is it we always seem to be nervous when it’s announced he’s starting? Ray can play!

          • The Doctor

            I always seem to forget about his numbers. They’re solid so far. I’m sure he’ll be focused. He doesn’t come off as a mental midget.

  • justforkicks

    Carcillo will start on fourth line with Kruger and Frolik tonight.

    • Chesterfield King

      oh thank god

  • CornelisonsFlagPointer

    Quoting Q at the morning skate after Susannah noted Hossa and Crawford were on the ice and asked him how it feels to have “all these guys back and somewhat healthy?”: “yeah they’re all gonna play tonight. I think they’re all ready to go. Ray’s gonna start, and gettin’ Cory back in the net’s gonna be helpful as well, and Brent’s gonna be back, too, on the back of the end, so it’s nice seein’ everybody comin’ in here, but we’ve got some healthy bodies here, let’s take advantage of it.”

    It almost sound like he was going to play both Ray and Crow, is that something they would do intentionally? At any rate, I sure wish all of Chicago’s pro coaches and managers were as well spoken at “the ‘stache”.

    Edit: Never mind, saw the other comments related to morning skate after I posted. I’ll leave the quote in case those at work are interested. Thanks for adding info about carbomb and goalie planning.

    Go Hawks!

  • nextgame

    Mark Lazerus ‏@MarkLazerus
    Carcillo returns to the lineup tonight for #Blackhawks. Will be on fourth line with Kruger and Frolik.

    Q’s on quite the coaching roll. Puts Carcillo exactly where he should, making that one hell of a 4th line.
    I’ve been watching a lot of games so far this season between NBCSN, Centre Ice and NHL Network, and I can’t think of any other team that can come close to matching the 4 lines the Hawks are going to roll tonight. With good fortune in the health department we can go a long way (He said stating the obvious).

    • The Doctor

      Yeah, that’s a damn good 4th line. Kruger and Frolik have been pressuring opposing lines very well and with another capable player on their line, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say they’re easily on of the best 4th lines in the league.

      • laaarmer

        Here we go!

    • CozBullsFan

      Yeah, when I saw that 4th line makeup for tonight, I said that’s going to be one hell of crazy energy line.

  • laaarmer

    Just got back from SCH. I felt like I graduated and was back at the homecoming dance, which I really did do, in case you were wondering. Still felt part of it, but not really.

    • So you’re the creepy guy with the mullet that can legally drink.

      • MattC86

        That’s how I always imagined Laaarmer

        • laaarmer

          What’s wrong with my mullet? Too cool for ya?

  • west_fulton

    From the Vancouver sun…
    “I did look this morning at the explanation on the NHL site and got a little chuckle out of the explanation. So I think we’ll just leave it at that for now.”
    Mike Gillis
    “I told Brendan Shanahan what I thought about the decision and I have nothing else to say,” said Gillis afterwards.


    Does anyone else have a problem – forget the city we’re from – that the management and coach of a team in the NHL is openly laughing at the NHL’s efforts to eliminate headshots from the course of play? How the fuck do these petulant little babies find themselves in positions of influence in this game?

    I am curious if any of ya’ll think that the NHL takes note of things like this… players march to the beat of their employers. The folks in power in at least one NHL teams offices don’t seem to give a fuck. and thats worrisome.

    I for one am sick of the best players in this league sitting in dark rooms during games. Forget being a hardass fucktwat and just say “let the league do their job. they have a whole department looking out for player safety and we respect that.”

    • TheFullAmonte

      I know it would never happen but I would love to see the NHL just remove their entire front office/coaching staff to send a message to change the attitude of the franchise. The sad thing is they do actually have the talent to be a good team if they weren’t so busy being dickbags and crying about how everyone is out to get them.

      • west_fulton

        “it’s not anything.. it’s just.. something”

        its frustrating to read tough guy dribble coming from these guys. By in large I’d say that most of the recent commentary when a headshot is involved – intent or not – has been of the “let the league sort it out” variety. So when fucking morons chuckle about the rulings to the media, it’s starting to sorta stand out.

        keep the talent healthy. don’t undermine a league trying to get headshots under control. you fucking babies.