• laaarmer

    I want to talk the analysis that was done the other day regarding having the winger come down lower when a team is playing an aggressive forecheck. I missed that thread.

    My feeling is that the way you break that type of press forecheck is to spread it out. Send a forward out. Go D to D or reverse behind the net and break out with the center and a wing up high strong side. The weak side winger steps into the neutral zone, but only after puck possession is established. The opposition weak side D and strong side D are in a tough spot. If the strong side D pinches, the winger steps out and the center/forward taking the outlet pass from the D has to just get the puck by and odd man rush. If the opposition D does not pinch, the forward taking the outlet pass has time and space to skate. If the opposition weak side D does not respect the weak side winger stepping out, then passes need to be made to that winger so they do respect it. If he does respect the winger stepping out, the middle of the ice opens up and the breakout can be made through there. It eliminates pressure.

    My point here is that if you send your wingers down low to help out with a press, you are playing right in to what they want you to do. They bottle you up. The D can pinch without worry and the forecheckers can do what they want.
    Remember, if they send 2 forecheckers, you have 2 D and a forward/center to support. You have a 3 on 2 and you should win that. If you don’t, it’s not the system, it’s the players. If their center/3rd forward goes low as well, then they have made a poor decision against a team like The Blackhawks. Also remember, that when the D is pinching, the high forward has to take his spot on the blueline. This opens up the middle of the ice, and again, they will pay against a team like The Blackhawks

    Minnesota did a good job with their forecheck, but our D was equally as good not forcing the break out and passing back and forth until the wingers opened up.

    • cliffkoroll

      Holy crap- it’s ACUMEN FRIDAY!

      • laaarmer

        I thought you would like something high brow early on Friday.

  • cdz3210

    Anyone else find it funny that the Hawks used the Nucks’ skating and conditioning coach from their top affilate?

    • DesertHawk

      Know thine enemy.

  • Hi, I’m Bob LeDonne

    Now what do we have here? An outlaw and his beer!
    I run this land, you understand? I make myself clear.

    • Accipiter

      We stepped into the wind, he had a gun, I had a grin
      You think this story’s over but it’s ready to begin.

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    “Torres is a changed man…”

    The over/under on how long this lasts is 4*


    • krome

      Right…changed like a diaper…and likely to be full of it again any moment.

  • Woods

    Fuck Torres.

  • 2883

    Waits patiently for the Nucks pre-game thread. All I’ve fucking read on message boards is how they can’t wait to hurt Keith. It’s fucking disgusting…

    • Chesterfield King

      Fuck them. Who gives a shit.

    • laaarmer


    • Accipiter

      Is this true ?
      Where is westy99 ?

      • High and Wide

        There’s nothing gross in the Nucks Misconduct preview thread (not a lot of general fondness for Duncs though).

      • justforkicks

        There was one person who said something along the lines of wanting to see Keith go out on a stretcher, and somebody else said that no, clean hard hits only. So its not all of them. But fuck whoever thinks its funny or ok to wish guys from any team get injured to that degree

    • Sparky_The_Barbarian

      Do they have anyone capable of hurting Kieth?

      • Accipiter

        I hope they don’t try to Bertuzzi any one.

    • High and Wide

      While I buy that Nucks fans have become a bit more … moody/neurotic than other fanbases due to having their chains yanked over and over in the playoffs the past few years, I don’t think they’re unusually bloodthirsty. There are meatheads everywhere. But I really hope I don’t have to watch this game sitting next to any of them (at a Canadian sports bar).

      • 2883

        I wore my Hawks jersey in the playoffs last year at a bar in Vancouver, people were chirping but in a more of a like, non aggressive way, bartender (Calgary fan) was giving free drinks, dude at the end of the bar in a Nucks sweater bought me a drink. It was a good time… they respect you if you prove you aren’t just a fairweather

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    Hey Phoenix, still don’t have a buyer? I hear Atlanta is looking for a team. Even if the NHL still owns you, they should move you to Atlanta, that would also solve realignment. Just trying to help, Your Friendly Neighborhood Barbarian.

    • krome

      they won’t go there. several other cities are reasonable possibilities (although a couple good ones don’t yet have their new areans ready)

  • The Doctor

    I had forgotten how much I absolutely HATE the Canucks and their fans. 5 minutes of reading articles and comments brought it all back. Tonight should be good.