Morning Links 2/11/13

Roll On: (Chicago Tribune)(Suntimes)(AP)( Herald)(Fox)

Make you humble (Cheer the Anthem)

Crow’s first shutout in 2 years: (Third Man In)

150 (Blackhawk UP)

Lessons learned for Team Canada: (The Globe and Mail)

Sochi Pairings are set…Get ready for Kane vs. Hossa: (IIHF)

The Whale lives: (

Roberto Luongo is a funny ass guy: (The Score)

This is why live animal mascots are dumb: (Huffington Post)

  • Woods
  • I like the guy, but I just saw this on fb:

    “LIKE/DISLIKE: Ottawa Senators Craig Anderson is making his case for an early Vezina Trophy nomination.

    Close runner-ups: Chicago Blackhawks Corey Crawford & Nashville Predators Hockey Team Pekka Rinne.”

    • DesertHawk

      How do they decide Vezina again? Is it record or GAA or S%?

  • 10thMountainFire

    The guy interviewing Luongo was a dick.

    ‘The 1A goaltender or future former Canuck.’ What a douche.

    • Accipiter

      Scott Oake is alright.

      • ballyb11

        More than OK. A great interviewer, IMHO. Really like him. I remember when Hawks won SC, he did some great post game interviews.