Morning Links 2.26.13

Well this is just getting ridiculous….

Beat Raps:(Chicago Tribune) (Daily Herald)(Comcast Chicago){ap}(NHL)(Fox)

Gangsta Raps:(Cheer the Anthem)(Blackhawk UP) (Hockee Night)

Verdi’s take: (Blackhawks)

Blocked Shots are key (autoplay)(Comcast Chicago)

Clowe got two games and Brendan Shanahan is blind..Brownie points to the first person to answer why that is..(clue it’s in his quotes) (Puck Daddy)

When the laughter stops….(The Score)

30 Thoughts: (CBC)

Troy Brouwer says what most of us assume: (Toronto Sun)

Geno to IR: (NHL)

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    CTA: “– Seeing Carcillo on the top line makes me want to inflict pain upon myself.”

    It’s torture enough for me just seeing him on the top two lines, but I don’t blame Carbomb, I blame Q.

  • pstumba


    its cause its an automatic 10 game suspension which tells you right there that it is not up to interpretation. silly shanny

    • AMR

      If its deemed an illegal line change but it was deemed a legal line change

      • pstumba

        70.10 Fines and Suspensions – The first player to leave the players’ or penalty bench during an altercation or for the purpose of starting an altercation from either or both teams shall be suspended automatically without pay for the next ten (10) regular League and/or Play-off games of his team.

        The second player to leave the players’ or penalty bench during an altercation or for the purpose of starting an altercation from either or both teams shall be suspended automatically without pay for the next five (5) regular League and/or Play-off games.

        The determination as to which players shall be deemed the first or second players to have left their respective players’ or penalty benches shall be made by the Referees in consultation with the Linesmen and off-ice officials. In the event that they areunable to identify the offending players, the matter will be referred to the Commissioner or his designee and such determinations may be made subsequently based on reports and other information including but not limited to television tapes.

        • AMR

          You need to keep reading and continue to 70.2.
          70.2 Legal Line Change – A player who has entered the game on a legal line change or legally from the penalty bench (penalty time has expired) who starts an altercation maybe subject to discipline in accordance with Rule 28 – Supplementary Discipline.

          • pstumba

            right, but again, the call on the ice was that it wasnt an illegal line change and his match penalty for that wasnt rescinded

          • bubba_joe

            Clowe forgot to take his stick with him… Who has EVER gone for a line change in the last 15 seconds of the game, with your team down a goal, and forgot the damn stick?

            I have a hard time beleiving that even the Shan-hammer would believe Clowe telling him “I was just going to ask Shaw if I could use his stick because the Hawks sticks seem to work better than ours.”

      • pstumba

        it was not deemed a legal line change on the ice, and there was no question as to who first left the bench. The call on the ice carries an automatic 10 game suspension, shanny is supposed to rule on supplemental discipline, not calls on the ice. The rule isnt written as the player gets a game misconduct and then gets a hearing as other rules are.

        • AMR

          Then why did Toronto throw out Desjardins match penalty after the San Jose game? Obviously they can overrule the on ice officials

          • pstumba

            i mean thats a different rule entirely, but yes, they can “overrule” whatever they want. That is just the match penalty in general rule where if a player is given a match penalty they are “automatically suspended until the commissioner rules” which he was, but the commissioner ruled before he missed any time.

      • pstumba

        also, if its a legal line change, and there was technically no fight, as he only got 2 mins for roughing, then there should be no suspension

  • cliffkoroll

    Never heard of Jake Goldsbie, but he strikes me as a talentless, low-insight writer, in his screed on Don Cherry. 496 words of cliched tripe before I came to this:

    ‘You can only spout nonsensical rhetoric for so long before the point is lost.’

    Then, without a trace of irony, another 410 words of inane drivel. Hilarious.

    • Bullitt315

      I was just about to post the same thing but less eloquently. Nobody writes articles about any specific Standing Room Only fan that isn’t relevant because they actually aren’t relevant. the tl;dr version of that article is “I wish people thought Don Cherry wasn’t relevant”

    • Cherry is a blowhard and a stubborn, intolerant idiot a large part of
      the time. And his age and encroaching senility make it hard to listen
      to him sometimes, but I listen to him every single Saturday night … and that man knows the game of hockey.

  • Preacher

    Alright, I’ll admit it: I’m totally not understanding the reference to “Brownie points to the first person…” What are you talking about?!? (Pardon my incredible ignorance.)

    • Joe DeTolve

      I get what are you talking about…alot.

    • Accipiter

      I’m guessing if the line change was deemed to be legal, why is Clowe getting suspended ?

  • Joe DeTolve

    So here is my issue with Shanahan,” he states that Shaw was
    not engaged with any other player” Which we all know is bullshit because Shaw practically
    lawn darted Joe Pavelski into the boards and probably should have got a game or so for.. I don’t know how much more you can be engaged with a player than that.

    Also something I don’t understand, shouldn’t Jamal Mayers
    have been suspended for the Raffi Torres Fight per this rule???

    “A player who has entered play while play is in
    progress from his own players’ bench…who starts an altercation may be subject
    to discipline in accordance with Rule 28 — Supplementary Discipline.”

    • Z-man19

      I asked the same question last night about Mayers. Isn’t there something in the rule book about fights in the last 5-10 minutes of the game? That’s the only difference that I see between the two.

    • AMR

      Technically when Clowe got to Shaw, Shaw had one foot into the bench. Therefore he had disengaged with Pavelski.

    • B Squared

      So by your reading of rule 28, John Scott should get suspended every time he gets on the ice? I’m fine with that.

  • I’m heading to St. Louis for the game thursday. Does anyone know if/where the STGT program is sold?

  • JesusMarianHossa

    Elliotte Friedman ‏@FriedgeHNIC

    Uh oh from Blues’ practice MT @jprutherford Andy McDonald being helped off the ice, putting no weight on left leg. Hurt during a drill.

  • cliffkoroll

    Melrose gets some stuff wrong here, but some good stuff too:

    Excerpt on what it takes to beat the Hawks:

    “It will take Mike Smith from last year, Pekka Rinne or Jonathan Quick like he played last postseason. It will need to be a goalie that is playing on that level, because really, if Chicago is playing this well in the postseason, it’s not going to be a team that beats it. It’s going to be a goaltender.”

    And as part of my meta-framing initiative, this bears repeating ad nauseum over the next two months:

    “The most amazing thing about all of this, though, might be that I think the Chicago Blackhawks aren’t just the best team in the NHL, but right now they’re also the most fun team to watch in the NHL. It’s nice to see entertainment and winning go together.

    That’s good for the NHL, and it’s good for hockey.”

    Tight refereeing: good for the bottom line too!

    • DesertHawk

      The comments didn’t make me wanna gouge my eyes out

  • ChiBlackhawks

    Some decent reading about the Hawks’ streak, including “how lucky are we, really?” and “what kind of regression should we expect?”:

    • Z-man19

      Pretty much covers what I’m thinking. The goaltending has been great and is probably due to falter some. The scoring has been just enough and should actually get better.

    • Sparky_The_Barbarian

      We’ve won a few games we should have lost. I’ll be interested to see how the team responds when reality and the law of averages catches up to us and we lose a couple games we should have won.

      • Paul the Fossil

        They seem to have themselves on a reasonably even keel. In fact as much as we’ve all criticized Q for various things, that has always seemed like a real strength of his coaching.

    • DesertHawk

      That’s a pretty interesting article. Thanks for the link.

    • cliffkoroll

      Chi, is that you? Dood, where u bin hangin’?

      Just an awesome link there. Such concentrated acumen is apt to make one woozy.

      19 games without losing definitely takes a bit of karma, especially in a chancy game like hockey.

      Damn! I’d lock up .925 for Crow today if I could- that’s what this team needs to have a fighting chance at the Cup.

      • ChiBlackhawks

        What’s uuuup? 😀 (Yes, it is me, and no, you don’t want to know where I’ve been. Ahnfire will attest to it being a dark and shameful place, hah.)

        Was pleasantly surprised at the .925 prediction. It should be enough, I think. And .920 for Emery too.

    • Neo

      Three numbers people tend to look at; Shot differential, Scoring rate and goalie save rate.

      Hawks are about a third of a shot higher this year than last. So maybe a goal and a half a season difference. So really not much.

      Hawks are about a quarter goal a game “shooting percentage” better this year than last. Of course almost all of that are from the first two games this year. Basically, when nobody played any defense. So, I’m not even sure they are really shooting better than last year. And in fact Hossa’s high and Sharp’s low number might just be a wash. The rest might just be covered in the higher shooting percentages this year for the entire league.

      Hawks are .9 goals a game fewer in goals against. This is the difference between 90.2 and 93.5 goalie save rates. In other words the regression is almost all going to be dependent on the Hawks goalies.

      And this was CNS’s point last season. Hawks were a top 5 team when only looking at skaters last season. And a one and done team when you added their goalies.

  • 334Rules

    Re: 9/30 (“You can see, though, how Suter is pressing. He’s trying to
    justify his salary every shift.”). See Campbell, Brian circa 2008-09.

  • justforkicks

    i love this team:

    If the Western Conference playoffs cutoff is (estimated) 56 pts, w/35 pts, the #Blackhawks are 62.5% of the way there w/19 games played.

  • Accipiter

    LA Kings traded Simon Gagne to the Flyers for a conditional 4th round pick in this years draft, doesn’t seem like much to give up, but I guess Gagne isn’t what he once was.

  • ballyb11

    Lots of thoughts (30).

    No mention of the Blackhawks.

    • DesertHawk

      Yeah I noticed that… it irked me.

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    Just saw a graphic in the Nucks Yotes game: Crow is third among active G’s in road wins since the start of the 2011-12 season.

    Incidentally, 2-0 Yotres in the 2nd and no sign of a comet. 🙁