• 10thMountainFire

    ‘You can ride a bike as much as you want but skating is obviously different.’ Brandon Bollig

    • Joe Banks

      Should we start a collection of Bollig “witticisms”?

      • 10thMountainFire

        I think there is potential for greatness in his pronouncements.

  • pompoon

    I keep worrying there’s a chance in hell the Board of Governors votes down the new CBA today, but they’re not that crazy, are they?…right?

    Also, yikes is that ever a dour picture of Landeskog…looks like it was taken from World’s Handsomest Shoplifters.

  • Paul the Fossil

    Which version of the 48-game schedule should the Hawks prefer? The difference is how many games will be against division opponents as opposed to the rest of the conference. The two scenarios being quoted are either 28 intra-division and 20 conference, or 18 intra-division and 30 conference.

    A preference would logically depend on how we feel about the division right now…Columbus looks to be terrible, we want to play them as many times as we’re allowed. The Wings look like maybe a .500 team right now given their losses and aging. Nashville is annoying but seems likely to take a step back from last season, to be scrambling for one of the last playoff spots. St. Louis is a big question mark, will they continue their big step forward under Hitchcock…my sense is that they’ll be a playoff team but will have some regression from last season.

    Honestly the other two West divisions look top-to-bottom stronger right now (that’s based partly on the sense that Edmonton is finally poised to become serious). So…offhand it feels like the Hawks should prefer the 28-20 schedule over the 18-30?

  • Accipiter

    Landeskog representing NAMBLA ?

    • Joe Banks

      Hilarious – but I’ve seen worse things happen when one loses a bet.

  • Sludgefeast

    So, I’m just gonna assume they will be no room for a Training Camp Festival, right? All the people I bought tickets for keeping asking me, and I just tell them to assume it’s off and that I’ll get back to them if it is in fact on.

    • raditzzzz

      thats how im operating. im assuming they are thinking in case there is a snafu with the ratification, which is expected to be complete on saturday (and i doubt they would have it on a week night), so that only leaves sunday if the cba gets signed on saturday (as games start the weekend after). not much room for error there, so im expecting a bunch of refunds at this point.

      but no official word i’ve seen. they should make up for my trouble and mail me my johnny toews bobblehead.

      • sludgefeast

        I completely forgot about thatsl