Morning Links 1/8/12

Happy..Happy..Happy: (Chicago Tribune)

Captain Serious might be smiling:(Daily Herald)

Healthy Hoss:(Chicago Suntimes)

Apparently Jamal Mayers is tired already:(CSN Chicago)

13 Storylines:(NHL)

Why fans wont stay away: (CBC)

The new CBA: (Down Goes Brown)

Words cant express how happy I am to be linking almost real hockey stories again, not to mention none of these mentioned varience or escrow. Now the fun starts!!

  • justforkicks

    i can’t even accurately express how happy i am hockey is coming back. now for the cba to be ratified and training camp to begin – would love to hear how that’s looking if anyone is gonna take a look

    • Joe Banks

      I heard official training camp will start over the weekend or Monday…
      CSN showing Hawks practicing on their own at Johnny’s Ice House.

      • justforkicks

        ah ok, sooner the better i hope! i think toews and kane are still not there yet, but otherwise seems like many are skating already

    • raditzzzz

      i bought tickets to the camp festival, but i’m not sure if they are going to hold that or not.

      • ahnfire

        I don’t think they will, but the practices at Johnny’s seem to be open to the public.

      • justforkicks

        maybe not the festival but open skates anyway? do you go to those?

  • Joe Banks

    So many questions to be answered…

    Are Hossa, Towes, and Montador fully recovered?
    Who will the top 12 forwards be?
    Who will the top 6 Defensemen be?
    Strange there is zero competition in goal?
    Have they painted the Indian head on the ice yet?
    Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?
    Is Martin St. Pierre a Blackhawk? Should he be?
    How many piggies will get a shot at cracking the roster?
    Will there be any major trades?
    How many teams face Capocalypse next year?
    Will Stan and Coach Q get along?

    • justforkicks

      there’s still competition in goal – who will be worse, crow or emery?
      j/k j/k please let them both be fabulous

    • ahnfire

      Well, TMyers has tweeted that Bollig, Shaw & Kruger joined the skate today. I assume Leds was called up, so there are 4 Hogs already called up. Saad & Smith should be called up IMO, but we’ll see…

    • putmeinthemadhouse

      St pierre is a career ahler now.

    • girlphoenix

      I don’t know if St. Pierre has an NHL contract. I think Block tweeted the other day he didn’t.

  • 10thMountainFire

    Has anyone reported seeing anything on Luongo’s twitter account recently? I don’t do Twitter but I remember his comments being pretty funny when they were posted last year.

    • justforkicks

      well, 16 hours ago he tweeted this:

      Who’s your favorite Italian French Canadian goalie?“@justinbieber: HOCKEY IS BACK!!”

    • ahnfire

      Most recent tweet: “@strombone1 Jan 8 11:37 The “Luongo Rule”? Seriously how cute is that? #adorbs #garybest”

    • justforkicks

      no wait, this is better
      that looks weird, it says:

      The “Luongo Rule”? Seriously how cute is that? #adorbs #garybest

  • putmeinthemadhouse

    In case anyone is wondering, jaeckal is still an idiot. Apparently danault could Step up annd fill in at he pro level but putting saad in would be rushing him.

  • laaarmer

    Is mmd still listening to Taylor Swift?

    • Accipiter

      It’s a love story baby just say yes.

  • Accipiter

    Not something that affects the Hawks directly, but Phillip Danault has been traded from Victoriaville to Moncton in the QMJHL.

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    I have missed DGB almost as much as I have missed hockey.

  • westy99

    Does Chicago still have a hockey team? It’s been so long.

    • Accipiter

      The Wolves.

      • westy99’s right