• raditzzzz

    post canadian juniors loss backlash was cute. there is always going to be a soapbox post collecting all the idiot things people say after a big sports loss. thats just human nature.

    but i have a hard time believing canadians don’t see the US as top competition in hockey. US hockey has developed quite a bit for years now. who else is perceived as top competition, russia, sweden? the US has definitely elbowed into that discussion, whether or not we are the best, we are definitely top world competitors. it would be like me saying baseball is america’s game, and no matter how many world baseball classics, we are the best. i could not in good conscience say that i don’t see japan as major competition (or any of a host of south american teams), because they have a helluva baseball program. even if we were to cram all of the top US players onto one team. that’s just reality. and its becoming like that in basketball too.

    i mean, did nobody watch the previous olympics? US/canada battles were epic.