• cliffkoroll

    Is that sweater intended as a rebuke to Russia’s ant-gay laws?

    • Accipiter

      You just don’t understand fashion.

      • VanDorp’sMullet

        I don’t think I do either. Are his pants tucked into his socks? Is that a thing?

    • bizarrohairhelmet

      Ummm, maybe anti-Richard-Simmons laws. Nobody wears clothes like that to represent their sexuality.

    • jordyhawk

      For me the sweater has kind of a Tommy Shanks look (maybe a bit louder than Tommy’s trademark earth tones).

    • bizarrohairhelmet

      My bad. I didn’t realize Putin had gone formicidae-specific

    • Bob in EP

      Be nice. His mother gave that to him for Christmas.

  • Paul the Fossil
    • Accipiter

      They should have put a photo of Rob Ford as well.

      • 1benmenno

        Canadians behaving badly