• raditzzzz

    that litigation article was a helluva read. since about thanksgiving, it has become clear to me that the nhl & the nhlpa have simply decided to flick the plastic protector up on their red button and slowly let their finger approach pressing launch on their nuclear weapons, both with the resolve to actually go through with it, and both simply believing that the other will stand down first. guess what, its december 28th and neither has backed down.

    i’ve prepared myself for the worst, and am actually getting myself ready to watch them destroy the brand just like what this article outlined, as i don’t think the egos involved care more about saving the nhl than they do about not being the first to capitulate.

    • cjsax

      Glenn Healy was on NHL Radio and said while he didn’t think that the two sides were dumb enough to kill the season, if they did we are looking at this shit continuing into NEXT season.

  • StealingHappyHour

    What movie is that pinball machine from? This is going to drive me absolutly goddamn nuts.

  • raditzzzz

    this just in:

    sources say the league sent the nhlpa a new deal: 6 year contract length (7 for your own players), 10% variance, one free compliance buyout, make whole stays at $300 mil.

    will this get a deal done?

    • thought it so many times: “Oh, they HAVE to take this one, right?”

      • raditzzzz

        gary bettman tying up loose ends. if he doesn’t get it all this time, there’s always the next cba, eh?

    • justforkicks

      i’m sure there is still a lot that we’re missing. i doubt the players sign this with out some revisions/push back. i mean there is one free compliance buyout but that comes out of the players share. i’m sure there is a lot we’re missing from the 300 pages of their proposal, only the positive highlights got leaked i bet.

  • laaarmer

    What happens to Weber, D2K, Seabs, Parise, etc. and the like if contracts length is limited? Do they have to honor the contracts? that seems like the right thing.