• OMFS88

    None of those solutions matter if these imbeciles don’t start to play hockey right away. But another idea I have seen floated is a Stanley Cup Playoffs 24/7 style show where they track a few teams (couple favorites, couple underdogs) and give it the full HBO 24/7 treatment (even if HBO is not involved). I’d watch just in the hopes that seeing their personalities can erase my current hatred of all things NHL.

    • justforkicks

      that would be pretty cool, i agree, would totally watch that.

  • justforkicks

    Yeah it is embarrassing. its also embarrassing that he feels that way and isn’t part of the process trying to fix things. And now I’m assuming he’s going to get a fine for speaking out as well.

    • StealingHappyHour

      They never fined the Ottawa guys. I don’t think they’ll fine Lou, either.
      I think his comment was just vague enough.

      • justforkicks

        Didn’t realize that, you may be right, guess he didn’t say anything explicit enough to warrant a fine.