• laaarmer


    “Trouble, trouble, trouble”

    • mightymikeD

      oh boy

  • birdhead

    Schedule cancelled through 14th Jan.

  • PainSt

    i’ll do something different and look at the players cards this time

    i realize my past comments can be seen as pro-owner and anti-union but the media is saturated with fiscal liberals and we are enundated with “owners suck and they’re mean to the players because they can be” stories from all sides

    someone has to balance the scales

    it didnt take nostradamus to see in august that the owners had all the cards and they could ask for anything
    the real question was “would they ask for the right things?”
    AND if and when the players would see they had no say in matters

    does it strike anyone else as strange to see players like campoli et al negotiating a 1.5 billion dollar player deal when they would never dream of negotiating their own 1.5 million dolalr contracts? this has been nothing but a farce all along

    which brings me to the larger point

    the owners recently filed a lawsuit accusing the union of planning to break up and threatening to cancel every player contract if they do

    whereas fehr and the union of incompetence are falling all over themselves to show it isnt so – wrong!

    here is what the players need to do


    dissolve this worthless union and bring 600 individual lawsuit /class action suit to force the league to honor their contracts

    free agency is the only bargaining chip the players have

    and mass free agency and the accompanying chaos is the one thing the owners (rightly or wrongly) are afraid of
    use it

    negotiations are about power and leverage

    the sooner both sides see who has what the sooner everyone will be reading from the same book

    mid january would be nice

    • PainSt

      mass free agency

      1. agents would do the negotiations
      2. players would not be artificially tied to lowball contracts until they’re 27 or 28
      3. prospects would be paid as prospects not prodigies
      4. superstars wouldnt be limited on what they can make by marginal players being overpaid (basic salary cap problem)
      5. overpaid players (yes the ones who are bankrupting the system and the ones the union currently seeks to protect) would get a paycut
      1. big market teams would get the choice of the player pool due to best cashflow
      it should be pointed out tht there would still be only so many crosbys and toewses that the rangers and toronto could afford because those types of players would be making 15-20 mil a year and not 8-10

      • mightymikeD

        Yes, you do come across as as anti-union..

        Statements like “Fuck off you fucking communists” really go quite a way
        to creating
        that appearance. When
        referring to legal labour movements. However
        this and similar statements merely
        show that you don’t have the foggiest


        You’re talking about.
        Bless and Happy Secular Peace-mas..

        • mightymikeD

          McClure! Still get Fatal Error when attempting to post nonsense.. did you build some Anti-mmD Protocols into the new site?

        • PainSt

          thanks for your comment
          your equating labor movements with legality made no sense but aside that i want to make clear that i appreciate conflicting views and the tolerance to express what i really think

          i am anti-union
          i am not anti worker or anti fair wage or anti respectable working conditions however

          notably everything i predicted last summer about the players best choice being to sign on the dotted line here

          (actually over there but i like it here just fine)
          has born out to be correct
          and since you don’t refute single one of my points i’ll let them stand

          have you ever lived in a communist country?
          have you ever had your business harassed by a union?
          do you remember when the workers bought united airlines?
          probably not
          but i would still be interested in hearing your opinion