• Sparky_The_Barbarian

    RE: “Love us again.”

    Free stuff is nice, but if you want my forgiveness, win hockey games…

    • ahnfire

      “Love us again”

      Unless you live in New York, Rhode Island, or Florida.

      Jerks. 🙁

      • Accipiter

        Or Canada.

    • KenOda

      I feel the same way, just fucking win games.

  • Hi, I’m Bob LeDonne


  • Toews still makes funny faces!

    Besides being an ESPN article and it would be great if he is right, I think the author is a little off?!

    “Since winning it all in 2010, the Chicago Blackhawks finished third, then fourth in the Western Conference…”

    In 2011 the Hawks finished with 97 points good for eigth in the Western Conference not third. (Thank you MIN and DAL)

    2012 they had 101 points, god for fifth in points and the sixth seed not fourth. (FUCK YOU RAFFI TORRES!)

    The Hawks however did finish 3rd then 4th in the Central Division those years.

  • The one song that keep going through my head for the Blackhawks is “Princes of the Universe” I hope this is a good omen.

  • raditzzzz

    just looking at our squad and the lineups that have been set and previewed; i am just gonna laugh so hard when Q instantly blows that all up within the first game of the season.

    bolland back to 3rd line, stalberg not on pp, carcillo on top line, kruger 2nd center, saad 4th line, leddy/keith on 1st d-line, oduya quarterbacking powerplay, lololLOLOL you know its all going to happen.

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    Well, that escalated quickly. (From Pro Hockey Talk)

    16. Who will be the first coach fired?

    JB: Todd McLellan (San Jose)

    *MH: Joel Quenneville (Chicago)*

    RD: Mike Yeo (Minnesota)

    JY: Joe Sacco (Colorado)

    JOB: Jack Capuano (New York Islanders)