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Crapping in my Cocoa Puffs: (Puck Daddy)

Marian is still good at hockey and once again is feeling good…maybe:(Chicago Tribune)

Saad is ready to do work(Autoplay)(Comcast Sportsnet)

Tending:(Chicago Tribune)

Notes from Tracey: (Comcast Sportsnet)

A look at the west: (CTA)

A look at the east: (Down Goes Brown)

Dates to Remember:(CBC)

Iggy’s contract talks will be quiet:(Ottawa Sun)

Did the lockout cost him his job? (Sportsnet.Ca)

Probably should have done this since 1993: (CBS)

There was hockey being played in the last three months: (United States of Hockey)

  • flahawkfan

    Have any other STHs logged in to ClickTix? We’re long-distance and generally sell tix to the games we can’t attend but all of our tickets show this message: “Due to Blackhawks policies, tickets for this event have been restricted from sale.” We’re hoping it’s simply because TicketExchange hasn’t been set up yet but we haven’t gotten an answer from our rep. I wondered if anyone else was getting the same message or if we’re truly prohibited from selling this year for some reason.

    • pstumba

      getting the same message, my guess is that they need to update

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    DGB strikes gold again, unfortunately this rings a little too close to home for Hawks fans:

    Toronto Maple Leafs – MLSE’s ownership group recently fired Brian Burke because they preferred to move forward with a more traditional face of the Maple Leafs franchise: A goaltender drinking from a water bottle in front of a red light while trying not to cry.

    • Paul the Fossil

      Best Luongo shot ever.

  • Just to make it clear:

    “Jamie’s great,” Quenneville said. “Technically, he’s sound. He’ll be helping out the power play. He’ll be working with our staff in all areas and all aspects of how we prepare our team and our game. We’ve been around him, so we’re familiar with him. So, he’s fitting very nicely.”

    When the PP is dogshit, you know who to yell at: Everyone.

  • raditzzzz

    dear brandon bollig:

    if you ever come in contact with hossa again i will personally go Needles on your ass and fax you your termination.

  • DesertHawk

    I would think thatChris Campoli making dumb passes with no pressure on him probably cost him his job.

    • Paul the Fossil

      Oh c’mon — it was dumb pass, singular. If that was disqualifying then there’d be no defensemen left in the NHL or at any other level of hockey.

      Campoli’s certainly better than either Barker or Vandermeer. Sounds like he may have had some unrealistic salary expectations.

      • Accipiter

        That is just it, unrealistic salary expectations have helped to get him where he is.

      • Sparky_The_Barbarian

        That’s why he’s no longer a Hawk. IIRC he went to arbitration and Stan walked away.

    • Joe Banks

      If memory serves me correctly, (and at my age, that never happens) StanBow wanted Campoli, but his agent tried to put the squeeze on StanBow.
      In Chicago, there is a saying: “Nobody puts the squeeze on StanBow”.

  • Joe Banks

    I find it curious that the Canucks signed Jim Vandermeer and Cam Barker, yet Chris Campoli is unemployed? Did he break a window?
    Probably because his agent is a dick. (Maybe he told Bettman to F – off?)

    • Apothecaries’ Weight

      Well, it’s not like Vancouver hasn’t seen Campoli first – hand.

  • Joe Banks

    Marcel Hossa playing for Lev Praha (KHL)… (one of his teammates is

    Sami Lepisto!) with Stan’s noticeable affection for signing brothers, I wonder if he’s ever considered signing Marcel?

    • Paul the Fossil

      This got me curious…Marcel Hossa started out very well, was the 16th overall pick of the 2000 NHL draft (by the Canadiens). In the 2000-2001 season during which he turned 19 he was a beast for the Portland Winterhawks of the WHL, leading the team in scoring. He joined the AHL the following season and halfway through was called up to Montreal. Bounced up and down the next couple of years and played in the NHL’s 2003 YoungStars game.

      But after the 2004-05 lockout the Canadiens seemed to lose interest, and he was traded to the Rangers. “In the 2006–07
      season, after a slow start he was used on the top line in February and
      blossomed with 8 goals in 11 games.” He was still at that point only 25 years old…and then had his knee wrecked in a game on March 5, 2007. Seems to have not been the same after that. Bounced around a bit and then in summer 2008 signed with the KHL and has been there ever since. He did play for Slovakia in the 2010 Olympics but wasn’t a top-6 guy, had one assist in seven games played.

  • Accipiter

    This is an interesting solution to the buyout situation for players like Gomez and Redden.

    @TSNBobMcKenzie: So, as others reported, Gomez and Redden and any player for that matter can get an “accelerated compliance buyout” before Saturday’s opener. Teams such as NYR and MTL would take full cap hit on those players this season. But no cap hit next season. By buying out now players would get chance to sign elsewhere. Each team is still permitted only 2 compliance buyouts, either before Saturday or in summers of 2013 or 2014. This year, player gets 100% on buyout. So ultimately, there’s no actual benefit to team to do “accelerated compliance buyout” other than as favour to the player to seek work now. Now question is: Will Redden and Gomez get gainful employment in NHL this season ? Many teams need D help. I suspect both will get something.