Morning Links 11/30

With mediation failing LeBrun looks at what’s Next: ESPN

During the lockout these numbers are especially worth Knowing: TSN

Mike Smith says the players are just Seeking Justice: PHT

Capt. Marvel may be headed overseas in search of a Face Off: CSNChi

Sad news from the City of Angles: PD

The Yotes are Raising Arizona: PNT

Speaking of the Yotes Raffi understands its time for Adaptation: SN

These kids like to try to Kick-Ass: Deadspin

  • putmeinthemadhouse

    I don’t think thats the right torres article.

    • jhb

      It’s a meta-comment that Torres was, is and always will be a piece of shit, maybe?

  • OMFS88

    Who will be the Wicker Man to appease whomever needs appeasing to get a deal done?