• BigCSouthside

    “It was a mistake, I didn’t mean to retweet it” Dave Bolland said as he packed two rolls of duct tape, 50 yards of plastic sheeting, a box of industrial garbage bags, a reciprocating saw, a bag of plastic gloves, an apron, and a roll of surgical grade knives into his trunk. Seriously though, Israel and Palestine can agree to a fucking cease fire after launching fucking explosives at each other, but these two groups of fuckwads can’t make a deal so they can get back to making a shit ton of money playing hockey? I think its apparent that they really don’t give a flying fuck about the league or the fans. The NHL was on the rise before all of this bullshit, and they had to find a clever way to fuck it all up. Also, I was really looking forward to All Star week here, but thats not happening. Thanks a lot, cocksuckers.

    • Black JEM

      Tell us how you really feel!?!

  • raditzzzz

    ahem, you get a plus 1billion points for mentioning the silver chalice. please tell me someone here has seen it.